LIKE teaser 2 video hits web ahead of premiere

likeEd Hubert’s latest South Coast scene DVD LIKE premier’s tomorrow night at The Duke of Yorks Picturehouse down in Brighton and the locals down there are salivating on the results. more Dave Benson and sneak peeks at what’s coming can be found in this new trailer released overnight. We LIKE the Banana flavour of this. Get ready.

Fourstar’s 4 Live Crew in Florida

Watch Fourstar’s nine minute tour of Florida video from a recent trip to the crocodile state. This latest clip from the Tap features Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, Rick Howard, Andrew Brophy, Mike Carroll and Tony Trujillo and some good times.

Paddy Jones Rat Signal edit and Grey interview

Paddy Jones has a full Rat Signal section online today filmed by Mark Jackson for Slam City Skates. Grey Magazine have an interview online today with pics by Lex Kembery. Watch and read.

Paddy Jones ft. Jacob Sawyer – Rat Signal for Slam City Skates from Mark Jackson on Vimeo.

The Golden Triangle: Indian travel edit

The Golden Triangle

Boris Proust has unleashed a fantastic travel edit featuring himself, Peter Molec, Fabian Verhaeghe, Alexis Greusard, Joachim Fromant, Joseph Biais and Samuel Partaix skating through India’s terrain.

Sit back and take in this wonderfully created short film titled The Golden Triangle.

Daewon destroys Berrics as DVS go through changes

daewon_songThe never ending skills of Daewon Song have graced The Berrics this week with a new Battle Commander section that you will probably need to watch twice.

In related news, the Almost 5-Incher video has been released on i-tunes this week with Daewon’s section blowing minds as usual and DVS are going through changes that may unfortunately see Mr Song move on to another shoe company. Speaking on the bankruptcy issue that has forced DVS to find a new backer this month, Daewon told ESPN:

“DVS Shoes is doing everything possible to get it back up and moving. I’ve been with them (DVS) for 15 years and started Matix Clothing with them as well. I always try to support my sponsors to the fullest, thick and thin. If things don’t work out then I’m gonna have to find a new home for shoes but I always stay positive and hope for the best.”

Ben Nordberg’s full Flip section online

Ben Nordberg has his first full section for Flip Skateboards online today, and it was definitely worth the wait. Click on the below play button to enjoy a fantastic 3 minute section of Bath’s most consistent skater edited by James Gardner. Amazing stuff.