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The Sunday Roast

Photo of the Week: TNT goes off the wall at FDR from his rad part in Propeller. Photo: Xeno


Grass Grinders was the most fun skate edit to come out of the UK this week from Bristol. This Go Skateboarding Day edit pretty much sums up why skateboarding will always be a laugh.

Supra and Note also ruled it up in Manchester for GSD with guests, Erik Elington, Lizard King, Boo Johnson, Pat Rumney, Lucien Clarke and Dee Ostrander.

The Globe team rocked up to Southbank yesterday for some 7 set frolics.

Jed Anderson’s section from the Squad Massage flick has the lot.

The GX1000 crew unlocked fresh footage of Habitat reps, Mark Suciu, Brian Delatorre, Fred Gall, Al Davis and Silas Baxter-Neal.

neilIf you’ve not seen Neil Herrick’s Standard Definition part yet then it awaits with open arms and trick steez for miles. Especially his three enders that come packed with praise from us.

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New Heath Kirchart homage came from those who roll out the hammers to Nirvana.

This has to be the fluke of the week. Newquay style! Follow our Instagram for daily stoke. Tag your tricks @crossfirezine.

Get the teas on for the new full length Antiz movie ‘Out of the Blue’.

This week’s vault pick comes from Shorty’s after seeing some classic adverts from old on Tumblr this week. Muska, Olson, Smolik, Baptista and more getting stuck in, in the largest pants ever made. Fulfil The Dream.