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Lords of the Swords 2012

May 24th, 2016 by Dave

The Essex skate scene spent a full weekend from the 24th-26th August skating all over their county to tick the boxes of many tasks set for this year’s skate video comp that is the one and only Lords of the Swords. Over 20 teams hit the road this year proving just how popular this comp has become.

These videos you see here are the nominated teams that are into the grande finale. To make it clear, 10 teams are in the main comp and 3 teams are in the Pro Comp. Yes, there will be two winners from this week’s chaos. Don’t forget to vote for both comps.

If you don’t know how this works then listen up, it’s very easy. Watch the videos below and vote for your favourite video edits by ‘liking’ them. The team video with the most’likes’ will be crowned Lords of the Swords 2012 on Saturday 29th September at 7pm. Sit back, watch the entertainment, share the videos online and get voting!

To Be Confirmed video entry

The To Be Confirmed team edit features Ashley Outhwate, Marcus Robinson, Perry Dyer, Tim Cunningham, Benjamin Surtees and Amerr Slaihen.

RampRage Top Goon’s video entry (Pro team comp)

The RampRage/Top Goons team is made up of Carl Wilson, Mikey Joyce, Toby Gozzett, Lewis Hall, Harry Wilson aka Gary Colchester, BJ Rich (aka Salmon). Come down to Unit H, Global Park, Eastgates, CO1 2TW Colchester, Essex Get rad and vote for us!

Michael Barrymore’s Skateboarding Dream Team video entry

Michael Barrymore’s Skateboarding Dream Team edit features Dan Wisgeach, Harvey Thompson, Mat Coverdale, Harry Wyld, Charlie Lewis, Jack Baron. Edited and filmed by Jack Baron.

The Dozen Family video entry

The Dozen Family consists of Paul Wolstenholme, Charlie Munro, Arron Voice, Luke Petty, Stu Dyer and Dan Boulton. This footage was filmed and edited by Luke Petty.

Pasty Attack Force video entry

Filmed by the skaters and edited by Jim Styling, The Pasty Attack Force are Corey Bayley, Batfink, Rob Jones, Simon Gillard and AJ Martin. Marc “SA” Carter was our sponsored rider repping Duffs shoes and Herbal Skateboards. Based in the South West we drove over 550 miles during the weekend and that doesn’t count the…

Monkeyglove’s video entry

Monkeyglove’s video entry featuring Matt Robson, Paul Bubba jone, Dave Maddock, Paul Gull, Nigel Davis and Ray Curtis.

Team DSD’s video entry

Last year’s winners return to take the trophy again – well, at least show D-Team how it’s done! Riders include Luke Hole James Smith, Craig Coombs, Jonny pace, Scott Coats and Mark Bolland. Filmed and edited by Thomas Hole.

David’s Semen video entry

David’s Semen team entry was filmed by Simon Wheeler and edited by Carlos Rico. The team is made up of Tom Hurst, Dan Dave West, Lenny Baker, Chris Merry, Bradley Bechtel, and Alfie Dedman.

The Monster Network video entry (Pro team comp)

The Monster Network edit was filmed by Paul Gonella & Russ Cowling and edited by Paul Gonella. The Monster Network are a crew of friends that has its beginnings over two decades ago in Chelmsford. The group of friends over the years has grown and grown and between 1992 and 2012 we’ve made well over…

Zombie Brand Skateboards video entry (Pro team comp)

Zombie Brand Skateboards video entry was filmed by Fishboy, Dodo, Tom D and Punk Luke and edited by Fishboy. Riders include Set Roy, Anthony Demascio, Punk Luke, Lewis Fitzpatrick, Black Metal Mike, Georgie Elms, Si Skipp, Warren Stafford, Dodo, Tom D, Ricky Williams and Fail. Guest Riders this year are Becky Jaques and Daryl Nobbs….

D-Team’s video entry

D-Team have one goal in mind and that is to beat Team DSD at all cost. The team is made up of Alex Diss, James Glen, Nick Boyt, Norton, Harry Jose. The edit is filmed by all and edited by Alex Diss.

Banana Hammock’s video entry

Banana Hammock’s video entry featuring: Owen Hoare, Matt Bulnderfield, Elliot Wright Dec Appleton, Mark Seeley and Andrew Marshall. Filmed and edited by Toby Hare. Additional footage by Owen Hoare.

The Green Team video entry

The Green Team entry should be called the Nick Remon show. They were the last to send their edit probably because they were far too blazed! Team members include Nick Remon, Scott Beacon, Joe Bun, That Goodday, Kyler Bun and that Isaac Carter.