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Halloween at the Bombshelter


“I’m building a mini ramp in an arch that’ll be ready for Halloween.” The words that sealed the deal. Tom Wilk’s DIY project in South London grew stronger every week. Nail by nail, sheet by sheet, the build was completed bang on time on the day of the party. The Bombshelter, born and open for NBDs.

This BYOB shindig went into the early hours, everyone was mash up. We’re thankful that we could take a year off to enjoy someone else’s chaos for once and were not disappointed. Thanks Tom.

Noteable observations:

1. Kev Firth’s Satan Cruz surf stunt took the entrance of the night. Lad paddled into the line up like a don.

2. Character of the night was Colin Uout, the Hackney council rep who busted everyone, all night long, with a selection of superbly written official paperwork. Nobody was safe around his durastrictions, especially if you were seen parking on the coping. Pay the fine bitch.

3. Chroliver won Man of the Match. Frontside shuv, first wall rides. Yes fam.

Look out for footage from this session soon. Until next time…







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Crossfire Halloween Massacre 2012 Skate Jam feature

crossfirehalloweenmassacre_skatejamPhotos: Ben Larthe
Filmed by Al Hodgson, filmed and edited by Sirus F Gahan

Insane skateboarding went down at Saturday’s Massacre jam at BaySixty6. This session will not be forgotten due to the amount of NBD’s that were on show during the day. It was ridiculous stuff! Here’s a recap of what went down.

The day kicked off with a rail and stair session on the lower right Bay set with Adam Moss (who should take notable props) and many others getting stuck in. As the seconds counted down to zero, it was Alex DeCunha who stole the reddies at the final honk, with a tailslide shuv and then a tailslide flip-out on the rail amongst more during the sesh.

Luke Jarvis was one of the first to discover that a frontside boneless off the wall hole was actually possible. There’s not much space between coping and the Westway, so this jam session steadily brought the new wall to the ground. Death Skateboards’ Rob Smith made sure he was the first person ever to heel block the steel and nose block the wood in legendary style. His signature classic was followed with dog pisser’s, a blunt fakie pulled in off the nose and a fastplant fakie attempt that most would have passed on. Savageness from the Dogger was unleashed.

Some of the Carve Wicked crew were present today, led by Director General Sam Pulley, whose fs smith bash to fakie attempts on the coping were the catalyst for Lee Blackwell to pull in a handplant, Ewan Bower to fully tweak a sick extended fakie rock, a fakie one-foot dogpisser. Whilst others rocked the coping and fell to the flat, Salar Kooshki took a tre flip fakie, Jake Snelling dipped his nose in off the coping, Alex DeCuhna had an airwalk fakie and Tom Steele ended the proceedings with a perfect blunt fakie right on 0.01 on the clock. Other stuff went down, names evade us. It was ‘kin ridiculous!

NBD time. Rob Smith blocks out his nose on the wall hole.


By this stage of the day, the bowl was roasting hot and an hour of intense skating followed. The new bowl, lauded by many who rode it today, was the sterling work of Croyde Mirandon and Michael Groenewegen, who had flown in from Holland to touch up the park in prepapration for today’s sesh. Sadly, they were not present at the opening jam after their hard graft on the new park, so it was an honour to have them present today.

Adam Moss brought crooks to the party early doors.


As you can imagine, the fight to get into the bowl sesh was pretty fierce – two at a time, head to head. It’s pretty amazing that we didn’t have any serious injuries considering the speed most were hucking tricks at. Heroin’s Craig Questions dropped one of the very best lines of the day with back to back tricks that had every tail smacking the frozen coping as he crawled out of the woodwork after a somersault! Amazing handwork, footwork and 80s steez work to match. Talking of steez, Sox rocked the bowl on the day, but the footage was frozen on the tape and too glitched to run. Kill City have an am on their team who has unique flair on a deck and a smile for miles when he is popping cheeky one-foots, tail blocks, alley-oop shit and fun-filled runs that have Blender appeal. Both Sox and Craig Questions’ Scott are pure entertainment on urethane and a joy to watch.

Jesus (aka Matt Dinnadge) assisted every NBD with his special powers. This fs smith was laid down for his followers.


The ‘asleep at the wheel’ skills of Dannie Carlsen graced this session today. Riding for Alis and coming in from Copenhagen, the Dane took the overall ‘Ripper of the Day’ award with some absolutely insane skateboarding. It was one of those sessions where every time he dropped in, you just wondered what else was about to drop, due to the stupendous amount of tricks in his bag! Blunt tre flips, flip fakie’s – I could go on and on. Watch the footage, it ws non-stop.

Rob Smith hand assists a blunt fakie on the all new vert wall. First one ever.


Superdead’s Dennis Lynn flew in to show us that his technical lines at mach 10 deserve some serious praise. His fs smith grinds are not to be messed with pushed everything for the longest grind. Again, sorry Denis, but the deep freeze mangled your footage!. Creature’s Carl ‘Potter’ Wilson and Witchcraft’s Mikey Joyce both threw stalefish, frontside airs, boneless moves and smith’s into the pot. Ewan Bower treated us to his incredible pop and admirational style with fakie hip action and much more, Camden upcomer Salar Kooshki was pushing his weight up amongst the big boys as were the Waterton Brothers, Keiran (age 10) and Callum (12) who both had tail cracks from the entire platform for their consummate performances. Both have no fear and can provide back d’s, smiths, handplants and airs on request. Abrook brothers revisited? Time will certainly tell.

Ewen Bower sports more style than grey hair. Fully extended fakie rock into space.


Lovenskate’s team are made up by some killer skaters at the moment. ‘Chav Dan’ Hill took his speed demons out on the bowl. He took home some dough in the Longest Grind comp with a frontside 5050 that took the shallow end apart with over 25ft of coping destruction. This frenzied session aided by the sound of trucks gnashing included Lynn, Smith, Potter, Salar and more. Brendan Ryall is said to the be the only other person who has fs 5050’d the shallow end to date (only last week) so props to the Chav Dan for holding it down when it counted the most.

You will not find a more laid back slayer than Dannie Carlsen.


What a day. Thanks so much if you came down and big ups if you dressed up for a day of Halloween hammers. Massive thanks to Ben Larthe (photographer), Sirus F Gahan and Al Hodgson (filmers), all BaySixty6 staff, and of course, all of the guest riders from Witchcraft, Creature (UK), Lovenskate, Kill City, Heroin, Death Skateboards and Stand Up skate shop.


Potter takes a stale in the bowl.


The next skate event at the Bay will be on Saturday 15th Decemberfor the 10th Anniversary Crossfire Xmas Jam. Put that in your dairy as one not to miss and expect a huge day out for all.

Pulley hucks one in for Kill City.


Denis Lynn praises ‘Chav’ Dan Hill who took longest grind with a lengthy fs 5050.




Mitch Wheeler slings a backslide heel flip down the lower set.


Creature’s Salar Kooshki warms up over the hip frontside, before doors.


Matt Ransom places BaySixty6 on terrorist alert.


Potter finds himself feeble in the hole.


Louis Antoine tail slides the abyss.


Trojan Skateboards’ Jonathan Shepperd rocked the wall jam.


Ewen pops another for the hell of it.


Alex Pasquini and Adam Moss on the lookout for a Miracle.

Alex Pasquini adam moss

Talk of the Devil…here’s Jesus!


Yes Dan!


A fast plant fakie in motion by Rob Smith.


Mr Knight back smith’s the Bay rail during the day.

Sox killed it. Get well soon Jake, we missed you ripping the park today.

crossfire halloween massacre

Free stuff!

No apologies for the outfit kids but thanks for slaying it all day.


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5 songs you will never hear at a funeral

News reached us two weeks ago from a survey carried out by Co-operative Funeralcare that a quarter of funeral homes have a black-list of songs they won’t allow to be played at services because they feel they are inappropriate. The list brought up a few classics that you would expect to make the cut for the crack, such The Trammps’ ‘Disco Inferno’ (“burn baby burn”) and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (“Imagine there’s no Heaven”).

With shit pop music being requested these days more than Hymns, we decided that we would run our own list of the Top 5 tracks we reckon would never get played as your casket hits the flames. Delve in for the most disgusting offerings we could conjure up.


You’re never going to hear the Meat Shits at a funeral. In fact, you’re unlikely to hear them anywhere. Only the truly disturbed had any time for this utterly nauseating porno grind combo. Their singer Robert Deathrage is a horrible little fucker obsessed with violent porn, gore and anything that could offend. They released endless seven-inch singles, all of which are utterly unlistenable, featuring short blasts of badly recorded violent noise, cut with clips from porn and horror films. It’s safe to say that Robert has probably never had a girlfriend, and probably never will.


Anal Cunt were the chief influence on the Meat Shits. The difference being that Anal Cunt served their offensive music and lyrics up with a large dollop of humour. That aside, singer Seth was also a horrible, ugly little fuckhead and when he died in 2011 we doubt too many people cried about it. We wonder if any of his music did get played at his funeral? We doubt it, it’s horrible. Some of the song titles are genius though.


Look at the album cover! There’s a man with a turd in his mouth! Would you really want this played at your funeral? Oh you do? YOU SICK FUCKS!


GG Allin needs to introduction. He was the ultimate in disorder and chaos and ‘upset’ was his middle name. Crossfire never gets tired of watching ole’ GG roll around in his own poo poo onstage, smashing his face in with a microphone and waving his little willy about. His funeral was very impressive though, like a huge biker-rally that snaked across the country. You can bet GG had his own music played at his funeral, but would you want it played at yours?


The way things are going right now it looks like Jimmy Savile may end up having a second funeral; after they’ve dug him up, sent his corpse to court, tried him for his multiple crimes and then buried him again. The horrible little bastard. This song’s well catchy though!


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The Crossfire Halloween Massacre 2012

The Facebook event page to invite guests is located here.

The infamous CROSSFIRE HALLOWEEN MASSACRE returns to London on Saturday 27th October with a frenzied skate jam during the day and a boat party at night for all fiends.

As this year marks 100 years of HMS Titanic going down, we invite you to shred the brand new BaySixty6 Skatepark with guest pro teams and then hail the high seas on the Thames for a nautical themed evening of Hip Hop, Rock, Breaks, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more aboard The Battersea Barge with guest DJ’s.

Start planning your travel arrangements and book two days off work to recover.

The Skate Jam at Bay Sixty 6 will be open to all from 12pm-5pm and will feature guest pro riders from Witchcraft, Creature (UK), Lovenskate, Kill City, Heroin and Death Skateboards. Expect an open, all day skate jam with best street trick comps in the new hydraulic street section, plus a Zombie bowl sesh in the new 6ft beast. This will be a day of total carnage in the new park where NBD’s will be on display all day from the session.

Confirmed guest riders include:

Heroin: Questions, Rogie, Casper Brooker and Tom Day.
Lovenskate: Ewen Bower, Matt Ransom, Chav Dan, Lucy Adams, Alex Barton and Lee Santer.
Witchcraft: Arbel Samsanov, Max Roton, Mikey Joyce and Jamie Morley.
Death: Rob Smith, Dan Cates, Nudge, Adam Moss, Sam Murgatroyd, Alex Lally and Radman.
Kill City Sam Pulley and Sox.
Creature: Salar Kooshki and Carl Potter.
Stand Up: Aaron Sweeney, Marcus Adams, Jeremy Jones, Adam Collingburn, Doug Parmiterm, Evan Knight, Hector Barnett, Caspar Barnett, Jamal Bendriss.


We will also be screening the Death Skateboards ‘Ordinary Madness‘ DVD on the big screen from 1.30pm. Don’t miss it!

We invite you to come in Halloween fancy dress. It is of course optional but please note that most will make an effort including the guest riders. Prizes will be awarded to the very best fancy dress outfits on the day.

Tickets for the jam are £10 for the full day out and available on the door at the brand new BaySixty6 Skatepark, 66-67 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU from midday on Saturday 27th October.

This year’s Massacre party in association with Front is now sold out. The party will be held on The Battersea Barge, Tideway Dock/Tideway Walk/Kirtling St, London, SW8 5PZ from 8pm until late. (3am ish)

We welcome special guest DJs Eddy Temple Morris (XFM Remix show), Stereotype, Johnny Doom & Matt Stocks (Kerrang! Radio), Talita Two Shoes (Total Rock), Phoebe Winter (Planet Rock). Expect a serious mash up of classic tunes to make this the best night out you will have this year.

Don’t forget that the best part of the night is that the clocks go back at 2am meaning you get an extra hour of partying!

The address of the boat is The Battersea Barge, Tideway Dock/Tideway Walk/Kirtling St, London, SW8 5PZ. For some, this boat can be hard to find, so look out for a small alleyway next to the Thames Water Company building on Nine Elms Lane (A3205). Walk down this alleyway and at the end of it, you will see the boat. It’s down the road to Battersea Dogs Home, so if we have any casualties to deal with amongst the Zombies that are on board, we will drop you off there at the end of the night.

On a serious note though, knowing that the boat is moored and not sailing, please be aware that your safety is our main concern and also in your own hands at this party. Crossfire will not take responsibility for your actions once you are on-board the Battersea Barge. When you arrive, the likelihood is that the boat will be beached, but by 1am, the tide is scheduled to rise and be 18 metres in depth. Yes, that’s extremely deep. It will also be freezing cold, windy and very dangerous, so look after yourself and your friends and we will all have a fantastic night out as usual.

When you reach the boat you will need to bring your ID to confirm your tickets. If your ticket is in someone else’s name, then make sure you have their full details and booking code as they will match the names on the list at the door. Our friendly security guys will greet you, please give them a hug as they are there for your safety. The boat takes all sorts of credit cards etc but note that there is no cash point on-board and none nearby so plan ahead.

Please note that there will be no tickets available on the door. but tickets may become available on the FB event page if people pull out. See you there!


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Rack N Ruin interview

Rack n Ruin has been knocking out bangers for a couple of years now and with a string of hits under his belt including Soundclash, Righteous, Territory and more, he’s guaranteed to blast the speakers each and every time. As we gear up for the Crossfire Halloween Massacre, we had a quick chat with him to show you what to expect come the 28th.

You’ve been on the scene for a little while now and have mixed up sounds from Soundclash with Jessie Ware to Territory – do you just make tunes as you go along and see how they turn out? Or do you set out to make certain styles before you get going?

It depends really. Some days I have an idea in my idea and will stick to that but some days it’s just experimentation. If I’m working with a vocalist, we’ll generally get the vibe going together and then go from there.

You’ve done remixes for the likes of I Blame Coco and Nas/Damian Marley – how did they come about and do you approach them any differently from your own original beats?

Island Records approached me after hearing Soundclash and asked me to do some remixes, this then led to the work with Coco etc. I approach remixes in lots of ways, but usually I listen to the original and think of a way to make it more interesting and more suited to the dancefloor. It is different to making original tunes unless you start an original with a prominent sample.

There are loads of talented MCs out there, who have been the best you’ve worked with and are there any you still want to jump on one of your tracks?

P-Money is very talented and a fast writer. Old skool jungle dons like Navigator and Slarta John are also amazing. I’m very lucky to have worked with such sick MCs. I’d really like to work with some MCs from the States next.

How did you hook up with Black Butter Records and how good a fit are they for your tunes?

My manager runs the label and we’ve been there from the start of the label so it nice and my sound has progessed along with the label. I really like their output so it’s all good!

What are your top three tunes playing out at the moment?

Bax by Mosca, Signal by me and P-Money and everything by Hostage!

It’s the Crossfire Halloween Massacre you’re playing at, so who would be the last person you’d want to see trick or treating you when you open the door?

Evil clowns freak me out so probably one of them!

And money’s no object – what would you dress up as for the Ultimate Halloween outfit?

That’s a hard one. Always loved the Jason films so probably him, a bloody hockey mask!

Get on Rack N Ruin’s latest release below and find him of Facebook.