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Watch Heroin Skateboards new ‘Video Nasty’ trailer!


Wake up to the news that Heroin Skateboards have released an explosive trailer for their next full video titled VIDEO NASTY. The team has been shooting footage ready for a June 2013 release so hit that play button for Chet Childress, Gou Miyagi, Daniel Shimizu, Chopper, Fos, Rogie, Tom Day, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Stephen Malet, and Deer Man of Dark Woods.

How hyped?!


Crossfire Halloween Massacre 2012 Skate Jam feature

crossfirehalloweenmassacre_skatejamPhotos: Ben Larthe
Filmed by Al Hodgson, filmed and edited by Sirus F Gahan

Insane skateboarding went down at Saturday’s Massacre jam at BaySixty6. This session will not be forgotten due to the amount of NBD’s that were on show during the day. It was ridiculous stuff! Here’s a recap of what went down.

The day kicked off with a rail and stair session on the lower right Bay set with Adam Moss (who should take notable props) and many others getting stuck in. As the seconds counted down to zero, it was Alex DeCunha who stole the reddies at the final honk, with a tailslide shuv and then a tailslide flip-out on the rail amongst more during the sesh.

Luke Jarvis was one of the first to discover that a frontside boneless off the wall hole was actually possible. There’s not much space between coping and the Westway, so this jam session steadily brought the new wall to the ground. Death Skateboards’ Rob Smith made sure he was the first person ever to heel block the steel and nose block the wood in legendary style. His signature classic was followed with dog pisser’s, a blunt fakie pulled in off the nose and a fastplant fakie attempt that most would have passed on. Savageness from the Dogger was unleashed.

Some of the Carve Wicked crew were present today, led by Director General Sam Pulley, whose fs smith bash to fakie attempts on the coping were the catalyst for Lee Blackwell to pull in a handplant, Ewan Bower to fully tweak a sick extended fakie rock, a fakie one-foot dogpisser. Whilst others rocked the coping and fell to the flat, Salar Kooshki took a tre flip fakie, Jake Snelling dipped his nose in off the coping, Alex DeCuhna had an airwalk fakie and Tom Steele ended the proceedings with a perfect blunt fakie right on 0.01 on the clock. Other stuff went down, names evade us. It was ‘kin ridiculous!

NBD time. Rob Smith blocks out his nose on the wall hole.


By this stage of the day, the bowl was roasting hot and an hour of intense skating followed. The new bowl, lauded by many who rode it today, was the sterling work of Croyde Mirandon and Michael Groenewegen, who had flown in from Holland to touch up the park in prepapration for today’s sesh. Sadly, they were not present at the opening jam after their hard graft on the new park, so it was an honour to have them present today.

Adam Moss brought crooks to the party early doors.


As you can imagine, the fight to get into the bowl sesh was pretty fierce – two at a time, head to head. It’s pretty amazing that we didn’t have any serious injuries considering the speed most were hucking tricks at. Heroin’s Craig Questions dropped one of the very best lines of the day with back to back tricks that had every tail smacking the frozen coping as he crawled out of the woodwork after a somersault! Amazing handwork, footwork and 80s steez work to match. Talking of steez, Sox rocked the bowl on the day, but the footage was frozen on the tape and too glitched to run. Kill City have an am on their team who has unique flair on a deck and a smile for miles when he is popping cheeky one-foots, tail blocks, alley-oop shit and fun-filled runs that have Blender appeal. Both Sox and Craig Questions’ Scott are pure entertainment on urethane and a joy to watch.

Jesus (aka Matt Dinnadge) assisted every NBD with his special powers. This fs smith was laid down for his followers.


The ‘asleep at the wheel’ skills of Dannie Carlsen graced this session today. Riding for Alis and coming in from Copenhagen, the Dane took the overall ‘Ripper of the Day’ award with some absolutely insane skateboarding. It was one of those sessions where every time he dropped in, you just wondered what else was about to drop, due to the stupendous amount of tricks in his bag! Blunt tre flips, flip fakie’s – I could go on and on. Watch the footage, it ws non-stop.

Rob Smith hand assists a blunt fakie on the all new vert wall. First one ever.


Superdead’s Dennis Lynn flew in to show us that his technical lines at mach 10 deserve some serious praise. His fs smith grinds are not to be messed with pushed everything for the longest grind. Again, sorry Denis, but the deep freeze mangled your footage!. Creature’s Carl ‘Potter’ Wilson and Witchcraft’s Mikey Joyce both threw stalefish, frontside airs, boneless moves and smith’s into the pot. Ewan Bower treated us to his incredible pop and admirational style with fakie hip action and much more, Camden upcomer Salar Kooshki was pushing his weight up amongst the big boys as were the Waterton Brothers, Keiran (age 10) and Callum (12) who both had tail cracks from the entire platform for their consummate performances. Both have no fear and can provide back d’s, smiths, handplants and airs on request. Abrook brothers revisited? Time will certainly tell.

Ewen Bower sports more style than grey hair. Fully extended fakie rock into space.


Lovenskate’s team are made up by some killer skaters at the moment. ‘Chav Dan’ Hill took his speed demons out on the bowl. He took home some dough in the Longest Grind comp with a frontside 5050 that took the shallow end apart with over 25ft of coping destruction. This frenzied session aided by the sound of trucks gnashing included Lynn, Smith, Potter, Salar and more. Brendan Ryall is said to the be the only other person who has fs 5050’d the shallow end to date (only last week) so props to the Chav Dan for holding it down when it counted the most.

You will not find a more laid back slayer than Dannie Carlsen.


What a day. Thanks so much if you came down and big ups if you dressed up for a day of Halloween hammers. Massive thanks to Ben Larthe (photographer), Sirus F Gahan and Al Hodgson (filmers), all BaySixty6 staff, and of course, all of the guest riders from Witchcraft, Creature (UK), Lovenskate, Kill City, Heroin, Death Skateboards and Stand Up skate shop.


Potter takes a stale in the bowl.


The next skate event at the Bay will be on Saturday 15th Decemberfor the 10th Anniversary Crossfire Xmas Jam. Put that in your dairy as one not to miss and expect a huge day out for all.

Pulley hucks one in for Kill City.


Denis Lynn praises ‘Chav’ Dan Hill who took longest grind with a lengthy fs 5050.




Mitch Wheeler slings a backslide heel flip down the lower set.


Creature’s Salar Kooshki warms up over the hip frontside, before doors.


Matt Ransom places BaySixty6 on terrorist alert.


Potter finds himself feeble in the hole.


Louis Antoine tail slides the abyss.


Trojan Skateboards’ Jonathan Shepperd rocked the wall jam.


Ewen pops another for the hell of it.


Alex Pasquini and Adam Moss on the lookout for a Miracle.

Alex Pasquini adam moss

Talk of the Devil…here’s Jesus!


Yes Dan!


A fast plant fakie in motion by Rob Smith.


Mr Knight back smith’s the Bay rail during the day.

Sox killed it. Get well soon Jake, we missed you ripping the park today.

crossfire halloween massacre

Free stuff!

No apologies for the outfit kids but thanks for slaying it all day.


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Fos rolls out Vancouver Art Show


Heroin Skateboards’ Fos has been busy traveling the world with his paintbrush and pens. Check out this realy well cut video of his latest show in Vancouver with skating at various spots with Craig Questions, Deer Man of Dark Woods and more.

Fos x Vancouver from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

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Craig Questions, Jake Snelling and the Roadkill massive return for part 2 of their Unorthodox Yeti edit. You can watch part one here.

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Stockwell Troma

Here’s your weekly dose of sweepers, norks, layback grinds, gore and bonelesses from the Unorthodox people of Stockwell Skatepark.

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Craig Questions officially on Heroin Skateboards

Heroin Skateboards have finally made an official announcement that Craig Questions has joined the team today. Look out for a video series of Craig interviewing his 80’s skate herooes Duane Peters, Mike Vallely and more coming very soon. Scroll down for his ‘Day in the Life’ video interview if you missed it.

Watch Part 1 of his Day in the Life interview here:

Part 2:


Duane Peters interview with Craig Questions

Skateboard legend Duane Peters chats to Craig Questions about how he got into skateboarding, Jason Jesse, the strains on your bones from skateboarding, fucking sheep and injuries in part one of this sofa session.

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Jake Snelling Fresh Blood

Interview by Craig Questions
Portrait by Richard West

jake_snellingThere are so many things I could write about Jake Snelling. I’ve known him for a while now and I’ve experienced pure energy and also the madness that is Jake. I remember first meeting him at Stockwell but I never really thought anything of him, he was just some kid with a shaved head and pulled-up socks. When I got to know Jake I realised how real he is and how determined he is with everything he does. You can’t ask for a better friend, always giving you half or everything he has and always down for anything, and I mean anything. Whether it be climbing into the sewers of Paris, going on skate missions with no sense of direction at all, or just plain mayhem in any form of the word.

I feel Jake and I get along so well because we are both passionately obsessed with 80’s skateboarding, collecting old memorabilia, fictional characters, and we also have a rare sense of humour. Most days Jake will call me up and will spend hours talking about skateboarding, old films, and situations that will never happen making him one of the funniest people I know.

I’ve seen him do a lot of crazy things, Every story you will hear is true which just adds to his legacy. I know that he does not give a fuck about what any of you think and he will always stay so true to what he thinks is real. I envy his ability to learn tricks at the click of a finger, he’s modest, he has the biggest film collection I have ever seen, he’s a live wire and he’s one of the best skateboarders ever.

Every interview starts with the usual who are you. we know all that and we know you’re from Worthing so let’s ask what’s the skate history of Worthing and why did you start skateboarding?

When I was fourteen I used to be a little shit hanging round the skatepark doing nothing. I could already skate along on my Dad’s old beaten Santa Cruz board, and two Brothers who are skateboarders called Jack and Harry moved around the corner from me. They said I should just start properly, so I have been skating since then.

I think Worthing’s always had a good skate scene. I don’t know too much about its history of skateboarding, but what I have been told by Bram Weeks and Alan Glass is that it used to have a really strong street skateboarding scene. Bram has showed me a couple of issues of RAD magazine with Worthing in it, one has a sick photo of Colin Pope boardsliding the Guildbourne rail which is really fuckin’ gnarly.

jakesnelling_photorichardwestWhen I first met you I would of never thought of you as being such a skate nerd. Why 80’s skateboarding? What’s so influential about that era of time?

Everything man. It’s the best time. The boards, the tricks, the skateboarders. Everything seems so much better back then. Maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know because I was not around, but just stuff like old street comps were amazing. They were so sick that everyone would just invent tricks, do streetplants and fuck about. People like Neil Blender, who looked like he never took it seriously, would just fuck about and have fun. Then you have Jesse Martinez, who would fuckin’ attack shit, like frontside wall-walks whilst smashin’ through the wall! Phat methods off jump-ramps! It’s just dope. That’s what I mean about those times, there were so many rad characters in skateboarding, most of them for me were at their peak in the 80’s.

There didn’t seem to be any downers during the 80’s skateboard scene. The 90’s vert scene died and street was in, whereas in the 80’s, vert was booming, people were ripping pools, street skateboarding was happening but hadn’t yet been labeled. I also think the best graphics came from that era too. People are still stoked on the Screaming Hand, Roskopp graphics and all that shit.

What do you think about skateboarding now and who gets you stoked to skate?

I like skateboarding now. I think you and I are in our own little world so it’s good. I just watch all the old Santa Cruz videos like ‘Reason for Living’ and ‘Risk It’ to get stoked. The old Consolidated videos are rad too. Any Andy Roy footage gets me hyped. He screams really loud and has a sick energy about him. I love his aggressive style as well, that’s how I ‘try’ to skate.

I always rate a skateboarder on how many tricks they can do that I’ve never seen before. So what is the most unseen trick of today? Like for an example ‘Frankie Goes Fakie’, invented by Lester Kasai in the early 80’s (a tweaked backside air-to-fakie like a method) – who have you seen do them?

‘Wallwalks’, like ‘Hella Spins and shit. Jess the Mess is the man at them. ‘Woolly Mammoth’s’ which Todd Swank and Neil Blender had down – nobody really does them today. I want to learn a ‘Poliki’. It’s a layback air, but you grab it on the outside rail. Lester Kasai invented that one too, I think. It would be good if more vert skaters did HO HO plants.

jakesnelling_photorichardwest2I’ve seen you do a lot of stupid stuff like when you got arrested in Paris. What’s the story with the girl at the Hastings Jam?

I’ll keep it short. We were at the Hastings Jam after-party at the Source. I got really drunk and couldn’t really skate so we were fuckin’ with people. It was full of faggots anyway and you got annoyed at some dickhead punk girl because she was talking about sucking boys off to try and be cool. You told me to get the knife from the hog roast and scare her, so I got it and screamed at her whilst holding the knife and she thought she was the shit and grabbed the knife and it cut all her hand. Her mate said she was gonna punch me and shit. She didn’t in the end because I kicked all the shit off the table and made a mess. It was good tho! We did have a right laugh. I always get in to trouble because you tell me to do things.

I know your dad skated in the late 70s what’s the deal with that bank in Brighton?

There’s some bank behind Churchill Square in Brighton. My Dad and his friends used to hit it up from the top and carve down. When they hit the curb they’d try and carve back up. It’s really gnarly.

Top 5 skateboarders of all time and why?

I can’t choose, I have too many…for sure Andy Roy because he’s gnarly as fuck! Jesse Martinez, Rob Mertz, Craig Johnson, Neil Blender, Tim Jackson

What’s the biggest influence in your life?

Skateboarding as a whole, and my Dad is a big influence.

In the future what do you want to do in terms of life do you still want to be part of the British skateboard scene?

Yeah that would be rad. I don’t know how my knees will hold up as they’re pretty fucked. I would love to get a job in the skateboard industry when I’m older, or me and you are gonna make the best British skateboard company ever.

Top 5 people to skate with?

Craig Scott, Joe Howard, Cates, Stevie Thompson, Dan Singer

Why are you so good on a skateboard?

I’m not, I’m shit.

Any last comments?

Thanks to Gee at Rollaway skate shop for sorting me out, Jonathan Hay who does HOAX, well stoked, Joe Howard, Dan Cates and Craig Scott.


Thanks to Craig Questions, Matthew Bromley, Jerome Loughran and Richard West.

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Jake Snelling skatepark footage

Suicidal Tendencies, Hastings, Craig Questions, bonelesses and much more going on in this latest Unorthodox Army edit. Join the Army here.

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Stella Supply Co hardware launches with new promo

Joleon Pressey and Mark ‘Fos’ Foster have launched the Stella Supply Co this week, a new hardware company that will be supplying bearings, bolts and clothing to your local skate shop.

The UK team that has been announced this week includes Joe Gavin, Nick Stansfield, Joleon Pressey, Snowy, Benny Fairfax, Karim Bakthoui, Chris Oliver, Nick Jensen, Olly Todd, Charlie Young, Louie Jones, John Tanner, Lucien Clarke, Jin Shimizu, Will Ainley, Rory Milanes, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Neil Smith and Dan Wileman.

Watch this brand new promo video put together by Hold Tight Henry that was released this morning.

stella supply co bearings