Baghead Kills 2 Video

Forde Brookfield’s Baghead Crew bring you their second video, Baghead Kills: Part II. After a year of copyright issues they’ve been able to progress from the back pages of seedy porn sites and onto the high quality ranks of Vimeo. These discordant cousins of Leicester’s Get Lesta┬ábring you more mosher drops than in their last instalment but never fail to mix in effortlessly smooth lines and mind melting boneless action.

Featuring Cameron Linford, Dominic Dulin, Jazz Wade and many more. sit down, unbuckle that belt and prepare to blow your load – with just over an hour of all terrain shredding from the sunny shores of Barcelona, the cracked curbs of Paris, and the teeth grinding concrete of Leicester. There’s sure to be kickflips, VX Flips, and a ton of other surprises. You won’t be able to keep those eyes off the screen.

Baghead Kiills: Part II | Full Movie from Grey Sky Cinema on Vimeo.



The DIY Days 2

(L to R) Joe Vozza, Jim Spencer, Sam McAuley, Callum Newell, Forde Brookfield, Darryl Reid and Simon Turton
(L to R) Joe Vozza, Jim Spencer, Sam McAuley, Callum Newell, Forde Brookfield, Darryl Reid and Simon Turton

The DIY Days edit shows us just how tight the Leicester scene truly is. Everybody is out in full force, having a fuck ton of fun, of course. Full parts from the Baghead crew, Unabomber’s Eric Thomas, Jim Spencer, Darryl Read and many more beyond belief. True spectrum of talent making this video for everybody. Filmed by Joe Vozza, who couldn’t have missed a single guy out.

The DIY Days 2 a Skateboarding video by EVERYPEOPLES

Incoming: The Get Lesta Video

One of our favourite crews in skateboarding, Get Lesta have unveiled the premiere date for their much awaited full-length video by the insanely productive Callun Loomes.

The video will feature full length sections from many grand purveyors of radical including Joe Marks, Mike Simons, Timmy Garbett, Eric Thomas, Matt Clarke, Josh Walters, Sam Taylor and more.

The premiere will take place at the Boardroom Skatepark in Leicester on December 22nd, so put off that last-minute Christmas shopping malarkey and go watch this instead. The video will be screened at 8pm with a free skate session from 6pm! What a winner!

Get Lesta Bitch at the Boardroom

The Boardroom in Leicester maybe small in comparison to other indoor skate parks in the UK but most will comment on how much more fun it is than others. Will Goulding, Nick Roberts & Josh Walters went down for a sesh recently with Callun Loomes’ non stop filming fingers for the latest Get Lesta edit.

Support your local skate park as the winter pokes its wet and windy features in your face and go visit this one soon.