Baghead Kills 2 Video

Forde Brookfield’s Baghead Crew bring you their second video, Baghead Kills: Part II. After a year of copyright issues they’ve been able to progress from the back pages of seedy porn sites and onto the high quality ranks of Vimeo. These discordant cousins of Leicester’s Get Lesta┬ábring you more mosher drops than in their last instalment but never fail to mix in effortlessly smooth lines and mind melting boneless action.

Featuring Cameron Linford, Dominic Dulin, Jazz Wade and many more. sit down, unbuckle that belt and prepare to blow your load – with just over an hour of all terrain shredding from the sunny shores of Barcelona, the cracked curbs of Paris, and the teeth grinding concrete of Leicester. There’s sure to be kickflips, VX Flips, and a ton of other surprises. You won’t be able to keep those eyes off the screen.

Baghead Kiills: Part II | Full Movie from Grey Sky Cinema on Vimeo.





The Baghead Crew have been busy once again, this time bringing you their second full length feature. Prime your eyes for some scummy spots courtesy of Leicester and places further a field; thanks to John Benton and his perfect American curbs – slappy hour is every hour. Just watch how he works his way around that car.

Forde Brookfield has pulled through with this piece, even dirtier than their last, which features Ryan Wright, George Chapple, Sam Keizer, Jasper Dawson, Jazz Wade, Cam Linford, James Pinnock, Stan Byrne, Jim Spencer, Slappy Queen (John Benton) and an entire entourage consisting of many more. They’re definitely working hard for this one we promise you, it will be available for our viewing pleasure August 2016 (Hopefully).

This film shall far surpass the excellence of their last, in case you missed it, view it below.