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Lovenskate premiere details 12th December

Look what’s coming from the Lovenskate crew. 12th December. Put it in your dairy!

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Sidewalk’s In Progress does Bristol

Bristol’s skate scene was treated to Sidewalk’s In Progress video premiere on Friday night.

Watch a clip of what went down with some howling, Dad dancing and general drunkeness here from Rich Smith’s lens. Look out for the next batch of scheduled video premiere’s if you are near to MK and Brum.

Thursday October 6th – Milton Keynes Buszy.
6pm – under 18s – 7:30pm – over 18’s with afterparty at the Buszy Bar.

Thursday October 6th – Birmingham Custard Factory.
Custard Factory Cinema – 6pm-ish – contact Ideal for more details.

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Ox-Fam video premiere details and Joe Paget section

Oxford’s skate scene will be celebrating the premiere of their Ox-Fam video on October 7th at the o2 Academy in Oxford. Watch Joe Paget’s full section here to get a taster of what’s coming.

The film features sections from Jason Cloete, Tom Watts, Joe Paget,Alex Fuller, James Needham, Phil Sproul, Alex Brewster, Kieran Mounsey and more. Look out for it as Neddy has been working on this for a while, should be good.

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Incoming: The Get Lesta Video

One of our favourite crews in skateboarding, Get Lesta have unveiled the premiere date for their much awaited full-length video by the insanely productive Callun Loomes.

The video will feature full length sections from many grand purveyors of radical including Joe Marks, Mike Simons, Timmy Garbett, Eric Thomas, Matt Clarke, Josh Walters, Sam Taylor and more.

The premiere will take place at the Boardroom Skatepark in Leicester on December 22nd, so put off that last-minute Christmas shopping malarkey and go watch this instead. The video will be screened at 8pm with a free skate session from 6pm! What a winner!