Albert Nyberg joins etnies

abbe_nybergEtnies have officially welcomed Swedish tech wizard Albert Nyberg to join their European shoe team this week.

It’s been a fun filled 6 months since for this fella since the Newsoul Skateboards promo did the rounds on the internet last November. He took on PJ Ladd at the latest Battle of the Berrics and came close to a win, his Bangin’ edit fueled more admiration and now his feet have some free shoes.

It’s a great story. Enjoy some more footage of him here.

Abbe Nyberg bangs the Berrics

abbe_nybergLast November we brought you You Got Soul from Newsoul Skateboards in Sweden, an edit that featured a brilliant ender by the technically gifted Abbe Nyberg.

If you missed that then go back in time to rediscover but first you need to play this little edit from the Berrics as once again this is simply amazing skateboarding for all the right reasons.