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This year, Axe Distribution rolled out a comp inspired firstly by Thrasher’s annual King of the Road jaunt, and an Irish comp of similar name. The competition’s aim was to involve small underground skateboard companies who do not usually get to compete in such events in the UK. It was never about the end result, but all about skaters getting involved and have a laugh, i’m sure you will see this reflected in the six video edits below. Various tasks were set for each team to complete, as you will discover in each edit.

The winners of King For The Crack will be decided by popularity via facebook likes. Remember, you can vote for as many edits as you like, just click on the red links below to find the videos for each team.

The voting will end at 12 midday, Friday 29th of June revealing one winner. Get voting!


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Rap Chronicles – The Sounds of the Summer

With summer being a wash out so far, we decided you may need some fresh beats that are been dropping into speakers all over the world right now. Search through these mixtapes, videos and album reviews of what are officially Abjekt Approved and if you would like to contribute towards the next edition, then contact us.


Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice

Wiz Khalifa is back with a brand new mixtape, Taylor Allderdice, a nod to the name of his high school in Pittsburgh. The rapper found mainstream fame with his album Rolling Papers, but if the sugary nature of most of that album wasn’t for you, then worry not – Taylor Allderdice is a return to form, seeing Wiz vibe out again like he did on the brilliant Kush & OJ mixtape.

There are features from Juicy J and Rick Ross, production from Spaceghostpurrrp and Jake One as well as a Frank Ocean sample and plenty of weed references, of course. Sound like something you want to chill out to? Then grab it here.

Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips

Action Bronson said he wanted to give something back to the people that have supported him over the past couple of years and what better way than some free music? The larger-than-life cook turned rapper has teamed up with producer Party Supplies for this mixtape full of references to food and women. What else was he going to rap about eh?

The beats aren’t always the most sophisticated, but they all hook you immediately and give Bronsolinho the perfect canvas to spill his guts, so to speak. You can just hear him grinning throughout the length of the mixtape and you’d be hard pressed not to do the same by the end. Get that get that.

Lute – West 1996

Lute is a new rapper on the block, coming out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Whilst it may not be the hotbed of rap talent, Lute comes out swinging, talking up his manor, proving that you don’t need to come from a coast or the dirty South to have skills. Technically, this may an album, rather than a mixtape, but either way it’s a thumbs up.

The beats are super throwback, as could have been guessed from the Nas-esque cover and that’s what makes it such a great listen. The drums snap, the samples are tight and the rapping is stellar. This might not be an instant bang-fest but give it a few listens and you’ll be sure to enjoy it. Stream it here.

Pete Rock – Portland Connection

The last offering comes from Indamix Records with the MY-G “Portland Connection” mixed by Pete Rock featuring 38 unreleased jumpoffs. Hopefully this will bring the sunshine to this rotten UK summer so far. You decide.


El-P – The Full Retard

El-Producto is back with a new album, Cancer 4 Cure, out on Fat Possum right now. He released this and we got hyped. You should do the same as the album is amazing. Pump this shit.

Stalley – Everything New

Stalley’s latest project Savage Journey To The American Dream dropped at the end of March. Chad Hugo from The Neptunes produced this and we love it.

Yasiin Bey – Sunshine Screwface

Yeah yeah, we still call him Mos Def and he still rules. This track was produced by the always wonderful Dilla [R.I.P.] and sets us up nicely for the release of the next album, whenever that may be.

Killer Mike – Butane (Champion’s Anthem) feat. El-P

There are a few ways of getting my attention and making me love what you’re doing – one is to be affiliated with Outkast and the other is to have El-P giving you beats – Killer Mike fits the bill with both of these and as such it was with excitement that I listened to his new album, R.A.P. Music [Rebellious African People]. Read my full album review here.


Joey Bada$$ & Capital STEEZ – Survival Tactics

Joey Bada$$ might not have the best name in the world, but considering he’s just 17, the dude has talent. He hooks up with his mate Capital STEEZ on this track where both rappers prove their worth. The video is cool, the beat is great and the MCs wrap it up nicely. Boom.

Schoolboy Q ft. Ab-Soul –Druggys With Hoes Again

Schoolboy Q’s album Habits & Contradictions has been getting some serious playbacks and this is one of the bouncier tracks, amongst the laid back, understated vibe of the majority of the record. With crew mate Ab-Soul riding alongside with him, it’s one to crank up high.

Flatbush Zombies – Thug Waffle

Likely to be next in line to win hipsters over, following in the footsteps of A$AP Rocky, Flatbush Zombies are a duo that sport gold fangs and smoke a lot of weed. Both of those things are fine with us, especially when they name tracks Thug Waffle.

Until next time…Abjekt.

Music News

Doomtree announce UK free download single

DoomtreeMinnesotan hip hop collective Doomtree recently made their first trip to UK shores supporting Yelawolf and to celebrate they will also be releasing single Bangarang for free download on 28th May.

Check out the excellent Har Mar Superstar – featuring music video below and stay tuned to

Live Reviews

Action Bronson – Live

Barfly, London

Such was the excitement at Action Bronson‘s debut in London that he had to add a matinee show on the day of his Barfly show to make sure everyone that wanted a ticket got to see him. Larger than life is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but when you see a man that can’t be taller than 5’8 and is as wide as he is tall, larger than life certainly seems apt.

Grinning throughout his set, Bronson was clearly having a good time from the second he stepped on the stage and past an equally large [and drunk] member of the crowd who continually wanted to hold his hand and chant “BRONSON, BRONSON” at the crowd. The MC invited the guy on stage before realising he had inadvertently taken on a belligerent hype man and ushering him back off.

With the Barfly heaving, Bronson stepped down into the crowd to get in amongst his loving fans, running through tracks such as Barry Horowitz and The Madness as the lyrics were enthusiastically thrown back at him before he waded back towards the stage. Taking a few puffs of a joint near the front of the stage, the grin got wider and he declared he was “tired as fuck yo” – not really a surprise to anyone in attendance.

After half an hour, it was time to wrap things up, though he did drop a couple of extra tracks, including an already fan-favourite tune from his Blue Chips mixtape – Hookers At The Point. It was too short a set, in reality, but for the half an hour or so that he was on stage, it was one hell of a fun evening.


Buzz Chart Music Reviews Single Reviews

Total Slacker

Crystal Necklace
(Marshall Teller Records-London)

Brooklyn is long established in delivery amazing indie acts worth shouting about. From The Strokes, LCD Sound System, Dirty Projectors to TV On The Radio, we’ve got a band to tout in the form of Total Slacker. A garage indie outfit with lazy, psychedelic, riff-laden melodies, this is a band that will have a cult following in the years to come.

You may already come across them as their  the single Video Store Rental Guy was featured in Kai Neville’s surf film Lost Atlas and their single Crystal Necklace reached #36 on Pitchfork readers poll.

All references aside, we know you’re going to love this, so point your mouse to the video below and press that play button. Do it!

Nazlee Jannoo.

Album Of The Week Album Reviews Buzz Chart Music Reviews


No Gods
(Rise Records)

In Sharks’ debut full-length, they’ve married an old-school punk spirit with a love of bands like Joy Division and Nick Cave. Creating an aesthetic steeped in punk rock influences like The Clash and The Buzzcocks but with a lighter more radio friendly feel, Sharks are definitely going to be winning over more fans this year. The band have been busy working the US hard on tour with the likes of Social Distortion. But in the UK they’ll be hitting the road with indie darlings Tribes. Their touring partners certainly reflect the flexibility of their sound and the ability for their rousing working class anthems to fit into numerous scenes and genres. Sharks also have ground in common with the likes of The Gaslight Anthem as they purvey a similarly accessible punk-infused brand of simple rock songs.

James Mattock’s earnest vocals are endearing and take turns with some pure rocking guitar riffs which are simple but wholly encompass the band’s approach – straightforward songwriting with catchy tunes and subtle instrumentation. Lead single ‘Arcane Effigies’ is a lilting number with minimal lyrical content but a charm that draws you in. ‘Luck’ features some beautiful-sounding guitar patterns that although they’re very prominent, blend perfectly into the texture of the music and exhilarate the listener in what is otherwise a fairly downbeat track.

Somewhat of an anomaly on US label Rise Records’ roster (primarily known for its championing of various metalcore bands), there is definitely something retro about Sharks. But in the best possible way. They’ll definitely have your feet tapping and before you know it you’ll be singing along with as much heart as is present in this debut from the band.


Music News

El Hornet DnB mix for your ears!

The weekend is almost upon us and to set you up for two days of fun, we have a DnB mix for you courtesy of Pendulum’s El Hornet.

The mix is two and a half hours long and is sure to get you jumping up and having it, so have a listen below and if you are into it, download the whole thing and whack it on your phone or iPod.

El Hornet drum and bass classics mix by elhornet

Music News

New Ceremony video

Ceremony have unleashed a new video online.

The visuals are for new single Adult which is taken from their latest album Zoo. The video is the band’s first non-live effort and is directed by Adrien Colon, portraying an almost-perfect suburban family… with something not quite right about things.

Have a watch of the video below:

Live Reviews

Sennen – Live

Barfly, London

There’s a real sense of community here tonight at the Barfly: couples are holding hands, friends are laughing and nursing pints of beer and others are simply here to see their friends play music. But if you’re wondering why this crowd just doubled in size, it’s because a band called Sennen are about to play.

It’s quiet as atmospheric sounds fill the room and Kellaway whispers the words “I’m a little older, I’m a little colder”. Conversations have ceased and every audience member feels the heartache of the lead vocal. It’s dramatic and emotive, but I’m here tonight to become a Sennen fan, and I’m beginning to fear that the band will remain at this volume all night.

I feel bad for doubting them, however, when an epic crescendo builds and the beastly loop to new single ‘Vultures’ screams in a manner that almost rivals that of Radiohead. It is this wall of noise that reminds us of the band’s shoe-gaze aspects; and it’s a welcome reminder.

The majority of tonight’s set is made up of new repertoire, but no disappointed sighs of “I don’t know this one” are heard. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sennen’s back catalogue is boastable, but as they undisputedly continue to evolve, new material is encouraged and embraced by all that are present. Actually, the most striking tracks of the night were ones that were shyly introduced as “our new songs”. Both loud and intriguing, the mish-mash of reverb and crafty song-writing created a healthy foreshadow for the next album; an LP that will sit happily in my iTunes ‘top played’.

It’s their intelligent modesty that will lure you in: they don’t gloat because their music does it for them. If you haven’t heard of this band yet, you will do soon. They’re pretty damn good.

Kimmy Reader.

Music News

Descendents to headline Hevy Fest

Hevy Fest have announced that Descendents will headline the festival this year.

The legendary group will play on the Sunday at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent at the festival which runs from the 3rd to the 6th of August. Other acts playing the festival include Converge, Will Haven, Municipal Waste, Cancer Bats, Sharks, &U&I, Protest The Hero and many more.

You can grab tickets here – let’s hope they are fit and ready for a performance so we don’t have to see this again!