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Sennen – Live

Barfly, London

There’s a real sense of community here tonight at the Barfly: couples are holding hands, friends are laughing and nursing pints of beer and others are simply here to see their friends play music. But if you’re wondering why this crowd just doubled in size, it’s because a band called Sennen are about to play.

It’s quiet as atmospheric sounds fill the room and Kellaway whispers the words “I’m a little older, I’m a little colder”. Conversations have ceased and every audience member feels the heartache of the lead vocal. It’s dramatic and emotive, but I’m here tonight to become a Sennen fan, and I’m beginning to fear that the band will remain at this volume all night.

I feel bad for doubting them, however, when an epic crescendo builds and the beastly loop to new single ‘Vultures’ screams in a manner that almost rivals that of Radiohead. It is this wall of noise that reminds us of the band’s shoe-gaze aspects; and it’s a welcome reminder.

The majority of tonight’s set is made up of new repertoire, but no disappointed sighs of “I don’t know this one” are heard. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sennen’s back catalogue is boastable, but as they undisputedly continue to evolve, new material is encouraged and embraced by all that are present. Actually, the most striking tracks of the night were ones that were shyly introduced as “our new songs”. Both loud and intriguing, the mish-mash of reverb and crafty song-writing created a healthy foreshadow for the next album; an LP that will sit happily in my iTunes ‘top played’.

It’s their intelligent modesty that will lure you in: they don’t gloat because their music does it for them. If you haven’t heard of this band yet, you will do soon. They’re pretty damn good.

Kimmy Reader.

Music News

Sennen release new single and album

Sennen will release a new single on March 5th.

The Norwich quartet, now mostly based in London, will release Vultures on 10″ vinyl and digital download on March 5th, giving fans a taste of what to expect on the upcoming album Lost Harmony, out in April. The vinyl is limited to just 500 copies and is sure to go fast.

A video for the track has been made by Ashley Dean, formerly of iLiKETRAiNS which you can see below.