Live Reviews

Action Bronson – Live

Barfly, London

Such was the excitement at Action Bronson‘s debut in London that he had to add a matinee show on the day of his Barfly show to make sure everyone that wanted a ticket got to see him. Larger than life is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but when you see a man that can’t be taller than 5’8 and is as wide as he is tall, larger than life certainly seems apt.

Grinning throughout his set, Bronson was clearly having a good time from the second he stepped on the stage and past an equally large [and drunk] member of the crowd who continually wanted to hold his hand and chant “BRONSON, BRONSON” at the crowd. The MC invited the guy on stage before realising he had inadvertently taken on a belligerent hype man and ushering him back off.

With the Barfly heaving, Bronson stepped down into the crowd to get in amongst his loving fans, running through tracks such as Barry Horowitz and The Madness as the lyrics were enthusiastically thrown back at him before he waded back towards the stage. Taking a few puffs of a joint near the front of the stage, the grin got wider and he declared he was “tired as fuck yo” – not really a surprise to anyone in attendance.

After half an hour, it was time to wrap things up, though he did drop a couple of extra tracks, including an already fan-favourite tune from his Blue Chips mixtape – Hookers At The Point. It was too short a set, in reality, but for the half an hour or so that he was on stage, it was one hell of a fun evening.