Skateboarding Product Reviews

Flicknife ‘Shoot From the Hip’ tee

There’s no worse news than when someone you skate with breaks a bone, so last night’s news that Scott Madill broke an arm skating that crappy little bowl in Putney Park was annoying to say the least.

Aside from generally tearing it up whenever possible on a deck, Scott has been making some new tees under the Flicknife moniker and has a new “Shoot From The Hip” tee out this week in white ultra-weight cotton. These are limited edition and only £15 from

Have a butchers at what he’s been up to and get well soon Scott!


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Naptime John Wayne Gacy tee

naptime_johnwaynegacy_tee_shirtDIY t-shirt companies are always rad. This new one called Naptime is run by Pulled Apart By Horses drummer Lee and his wife who have a small but cool selection of designs available via their online store right now.

This new design featuring the mug of serial killer John Wayne Gacy (who killed 33 peeps and buried them under ground or in rivers) and is on pre-sale now for £10.

Get over there and have a look.


Competitions Win

Win Etnies/Cliché collab gear!

Cliché and Etnies rider Charles Collet recently celebrated the launch of his new collab shoe Eurostyle by travelling like a gypsy for ten days, skating in three different countries.

You can check out his One Man Band Tour video below, and watch carefully because the question that follows relates to the clip. Answer correctly to be in with a chance of getting all those sexy looking products above.

The deadline for this competition is September 13th.

Charles Collet, The One Man Band tour from etnies europe on Vimeo.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies – 405 Tee

If just one look at this tee doesn’t make your mind scream ‘THAT… is the best t-shirt I’ve seen in my entire life’ then I don’t think I can trust you. It’s not often that a photograph can capture something so perfect that no response can be accused of being hyperbole but here is an example. Printed on this Etnies t-shirt is that shot of a skater bombing down the Interstate 405 flippin’ off the commuting collective that emerged on Go Skateboarding Day in 2008, and it is nothing short of the best thing ever. Don’t try to analyse it. Whatever you do, don’t put yourselves in the mind of any of the drivers either because that makes you a cock. This, whether you love it or hate it, is skateboarding defined: being free, being against the grain and just not giving a damn about anyone else.

Aside from being able to replace any bad things in your life with feelings of AWESOME, this t shirt is a regular fitting tee and comes in either black or white which is enough to satisfy anyone’s taste in what you like to cover your nips with I’m sure. Get it, or just look at it, whatever, just let it make you feel good.


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Altamont – Ralph Steadman ‘Lono’ Tee

For those not in the know, Ralph Steadman is the genius behind every illustration that ever accompanied the Gonzo Journalism by heavyweight author, Hunter S. Thompson. The two of them go together like independent trucks and pool coping, a perfect match. Altamont collaborated with Ralph and brought a range of Tees that showcase work out of ‘The Curse of Lono’, the book referred to as Fear and Loathing in Hawaii! It’s one Tachen’s finest presses in my books and I highly recommend you get hold of a copy for Ralph’s drawings alone; every sketch is a cerebral piece.

Altamont’s collabs have been consistently good over the years and I like very much that someone finally put Steadman’s visuals on cotton, his work should be seen by everyone, it’s truly unique! If you ever thought of getting your hands on a classic Steadmans, then I highly recommend you start with The Curse of Lono. It’s filled with great art and Hunter S. Thomspon writes a damn good story as per usual, but who could doubt that?


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Marcel Veldman/5050 collab tees

Fluff legend Marcel Veldman has rolled out some more collab tee shirts with the 5050 Store in Bristol this month.

If you like rocking it then these screen printed, photo print graphic tees with the classic 5050 embroidered label on the hem is for you this month.

These are £25 from their online store and in your hands within days. Get them before they are out of stock.