Go Skate Day with Projekts

Stupid Bloody Tuesday recently posted their video edit of their Go Skateboarding Day experience.

The crew hit up the Pump Cage for a warm-up on a lengthy day of sessioning some of Manchester’s most famous spots. Projekts Skate Shop were down with the blower making sure everyone had a blast and got some.

Have a look below for SBT’s edit. Heaven knows I’m amped for a skate now.


Go Skateboarding day 2010 from dan mccourt on Vimeo.

Etnies – 405 Tee

If just one look at this tee doesn’t make your mind scream ‘THAT… is the best t-shirt I’ve seen in my entire life’ then I don’t think I can trust you. It’s not often that a photograph can capture something so perfect that no response can be accused of being hyperbole but here is an example. Printed on this Etnies t-shirt is that shot of a skater bombing down the Interstate 405 flippin’ off the commuting collective that emerged on Go Skateboarding Day in 2008, and it is nothing short of the best thing ever. Don’t try to analyse it. Whatever you do, don’t put yourselves in the mind of any of the drivers either because that makes you a cock. This, whether you love it or hate it, is skateboarding defined: being free, being against the grain and just not giving a damn about anyone else.

Aside from being able to replace any bad things in your life with feelings of AWESOME, this t shirt is a regular fitting tee and comes in either black or white which is enough to satisfy anyone’s taste in what you like to cover your nips with I’m sure. Get it, or just look at it, whatever, just let it make you feel good.