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Win a full set up from!


Need a new set up for the Christmas period ahead? will send a full set up to one lucky person the week before Christmas. All you have to do is answer this Almost related question below and like the Crossfire Facebook page so we can contact you.

If you win, you will have the choice of one of the Almost Hero deck series, one pair of Indy trucks, a set of Spitfire Wheels, one set of bearings, one set of bolts and a skate tool. Get stuck in. Find their shop on Facebook.



Win a Fourstar Ishod Wair package!

The UK is underwater this week so we have teamed up with Fourstar Clothing to ease the downfall with Ishod Wair’s debut signature clothing collection.

This classic new Spring camo windbreaker folds down into a small ball and made so you can push it into the right hand pocket if you need to make it disappear. Perfect if you are in a session and can hide it in a bush where nobody can steal it. It also has a versatile elastic strap and snap closure for versatile carrying. This package also has an Ishod approved tank top (in navy) for when the sun shines. All clothing in size large.


All you have to do is answer the question below and like the Crossfire Facebook page to enter as we will contact you from your email address there. Good luck!



Win an Independent Trucks winter clothing package!

It’s freezing outside so we decided to roll out a nice warm winter package courtesy of Independent Trucks.
Firstly, you will get your mitts on this Screaming tee that is velvet to the touch with it’s 100% cotton and discharge fade print. Plus we have a Woven Cross Beanie, a sick Blitz Beanie and a warm Raglan Hoody to beat the deep freeze.

All you have to is answer the question below and join the Crossfire Facebook page. We will contact you from the best email address from both if you win. All entries must be in before April 1st and that’s no joke.

Please note that hoody and t-shirt featured in this comp are in size large. Good luck.


Competitions Win

Win an enjoi package!

Grab yourself a some freebies from the good guys at enjoi this Christmas as they have sent us a Judkins Panty collection (scratch & sniff) deck, Rasta Panda Wheels (52mm), a Spectrum logo tee and an Allnighter snapback hat to give away.

Nestor loves smelling the glove and finds his match in this latest video. Watch it, answer the question below and like the Crossfire Facebook page enter as we may contact you via a direct message if you are picked to win.


Competitions Win

Win a #Mellowthefukout package from Real Skateboards!

If you don’t know the importance and history of Real Skateboards by now then you are seriously missing out. Formed in 1991 and boasting teams to kill for, this world renowned San Francisco based company run by a massive heart beat has out done the lot of them over the years and still keeps pumping.

This week they have sent us a mellow package of goodness to give away to one lucky winner. This series is in your local skater owned shop but grab stickers, 2 decks and a tee in this month’s comp by answering the following below. Also like the Crossfire Facebook page to enter as we may contact you through there if you win.

Don’t stress, enjoy your skateboarding and #mellowthefukout for this one.


Competitions Win

Win an Olloclip iPhone 5 lens!

Seen what Olloclip have produced for the iPhone 5? It’s an all in one package that comes with fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses that easily clip to your iPhone and assist with your video edits. You can connect these in seconds to film straight from your phone and get a much better view of your skate sessions. This lens is pocket sized so doesn’t weigh you down and the barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum using a CNC machine and then anodized.

We have one of these to give away this month to one lucky winner, all you need to do to enter is answer the question below and like our Facebook page.


Competitions Win

Win a Heroin Video Nasty DVD!

Seen this beast of a DVD yet? If not you are missing out. It’s one of the best, if not THE best UK skate DVD’s that has been released this year stuffed to the hilt with raw-as-fuck skateboarding with serious skills in tow. If Video Nasty doesn’t make you want to skate on first watch, then you should just throw your deck into a fire and watch Street League instead.

Luckily, Fos from Heroin Skateboards has sent over 3 of them to give away for three people to win, so answer the question below, like the Crossfire Facebook to enter – as we may have to contact you there and get yourself a free copy this month. Alternatively, if you cannot be arsed to wait, get into your local skater owned shop and pick one up or download it from it i-Tunes.



Win an Emerica Bryan Herman G6 package!

The Emerica team will be visiting the UK this week with Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Jerry Hsu, Tom Knox, Rob Maatman, Oscar Candon and Casper Brooker all present at demos and signings. Check the dates below for the full schedule with activity planned in Newcastle, Manchester, Derby and London as this will be one not to miss.

We have a pair of these brand new Emerica Bryan Herman G6 shoes plus an Emerica HQ420 Washed tee-shirt for one lucky winner to wear this Spring. All you have to do is answer this question and ‘like’ the Crossfire Facebook page to enter, as we will contact the winner through there once the winner is randomly selected. Good luck.




Win a DGK Package!

Following the success of ‘Parental Advisory’ DVD that is available right now in your local skate shop, the DGK crew have sent us a package of goodness for you to win this month.

To get your mitts on a new DGK logo deck, Haters Hat, Bracelet, DVD and stickers, just answer the question below. Also, ‘LIKE’ the Crossfire Facebook page as we will contact you from there with a private message if you are pulled from the hat. One lucky winner will take this lot away on the 20th April.

You may well find the answer in this feature.


Competitions Win

Win an Almost Skateboards package!

The Almost team will be hitting UK shores this Friday 25th February to open BaySixty6 skatepark at 5pm for a FREE session as part of their Impact Tour. Chris Haslam, Darryl Dominguez, Willow and Youness Amrani have already annihilated Europe and left video evidence, now it’s time for London to raise their game and welcome these guys this week.

Get down there at 5pm to enter the Impact Contest where one person will be walking home with a supply of decks for a year. The demo will follow these comps at 7pm.

To celebrate the team’s arrival, Almost Skateboards have sent us a package of goodness to give away that includes Willow’s new ‘Willow Tree’ 8″ pro model, a Crusty Tee Shirt and a Screen Works Hoody to beat this cold weather.

Win all of this free stuff by liking the Crossfire Facebook page as we will contact you through there and answer this question below.

You can find Almost on Facebook here.