Skateboarding Product Reviews

éS Daze Shirt

es-daze-short-sleeve-navyThe spring weather and recent UK heatwave has made sweaters and hoodies redundant and replaced by the welcome addition of short sleeve shirts again. éS were one step ahead of the weather predictions this Spring though and have some fantastic new threads for you to check out at your local SOS.

Made from 100% cotton the Daze shirt is lightweight and not fitted so it allows you to move perfectly when skating. The quality of the cut is highlighted by the interior collar which gives it support so that your collars don’t drop downwards like dead flowers off your neck. This is quite handy as this problem seems to happen to a lot of shirts that are not made with any thought and after a few washes they lose their freshness.

If you are looking for some Spring/Summer shirts right now then this is highly recommended, go find one.