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Magenta – Lost in the Dam

magenta skateboardsMagenta‘s latest edit comes from the land of fresh weed and waffles. Join them as they cruise around Amsterdam’s streets for their latest collab with Pop.

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Magenta’s “More Cruise”

magenta skateboards

Leo Valls has compiled this smouldering new edit with tons of outages from Magenta’s newest video “Just Cruise”. Featuring the whole Magenta family alongside a load of friends. Flatspot inducing feet and fire fuelled lines, all set upon their Parisian home turf.

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Koichiro Uehara etnies edit


Koichiro Uehara‘s fast feet star in this latest etnies clip put together by Mike Manzoori.

Get more Koichiro goodness:

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Zach Lyons Welcome to Coalatree

Magenta’s Zach Lyons joins the Coalatree Organics clothing farm today with some new footage and this rooftop front rock.


The Couch Potato #4

Welcome to the first video round up of 2013. You should know the drill by now, this selection of legally uploaded videos featured below are longer than your average web edit and will require you to actually sit down, put your feet up and enjoy them. There are British, French and American productions in here this time round so get the teas on, press play and enjoy.


The Magenta team hit up NYC last November and returned with enough footage for a 7 minute edit. The footage filmed & edited by Colin Read was shot following the demise of Hurricane Sandy that caused havoc in the city. Enjoy footage of Leo Valls, Vivien Feil, Soy Panday, Jimmy Lannon & friends Ben Gore, Alex Davis, Lurker Lou, Liu Puli, Joel Meinholz, Connor Kammerer, Alex Fogt, Ryan Barlow, Kenji Nakahira, Quim Cardona and Masaki Ui. Additional filming by Static’s Josh Stewart & Ryan Garshell


Green Diamond have released their DECE video in full for you to devour. 24 minutes of skateboarding featuring Brits abroad such as Lucien Clarke and Danny Brady plus US rippers such as Austyn Gillette, Shawn Powers and far too many more to mention. This is by far our most voted choice.


Slap uploaded an unseen 20 minute production titled Trans Siberian Railway featuring Kenny Reed, Keegan Sauder, Jack Sabback and the late Van Wastell as they travel through the heart of Europe and Asia by train. Whoever made this needs locking up.


Enjoy this West London scene edit that has only just surfaced and was filmed a few years ago. This footage has been sat on tape since and features Guy Birchard, Kyron McGrath-Davis, Daryl Dominguez, Trevor Beasley, Aaron Sweeney, Awadh Mohammed and many more in and around London from Dave Perez.


Heroin Skateboards will be rolling out a fresh video titled ‘Video Nasty‘ in July but for now they have unleashed their last team video Magic Sticky Hand online in the last 2 weeks. Inject the full dose here.


Antiz Skateboards have been uploading all of their full length videos of late on their vimeo account. This week they have rolled out The Occassional Antiz Flashback, an hour long skate video released in 2011 with footage of Aaron Sweeney, Dallas Rockvam, Gabriel Engelke, Hugo Liard, Julian Dykmans, Julian Furones, Julien Bachelier, Michel Mahringer, Samu Karvonen, Samuel Partaix and Steve Forstner.

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Watch: Magenta in Bordeaux

The first edit to drop from La Capsule Magenta in 2011 is a collection of clips filmed in the deliciously skateable city of wine, Bordeaux.

Filmed by Yoann Taillander and Jean Feil during December the clip below features typically awesome skating from a handful of the Magenta team and some select friends with Gang Starr providing a soundtrack ripe for monochrome shredding. Get some below.