Watch the Battle At Hastings – Vancouver bowl sesh

Mason_MerlinoIf you were not already aware, Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada also has a town called Hastings but without the pirate history of our very own UK coastal town.

It does have local rippers that are capable of walking the plank and surviving as you will see in this amazing skatepark jam clip featuring Danny Tumia, Tyler Martin, Adam Hopkins, Eisei Sugimoto, Mikey O’Friel and Mason Merlino (Hawaiain shirt) who took the honours on the day.

Press play for what looked to be a great session for all filmed by Daniel Evans.

Sean Goff eaten by the Hastings cradle

Big shout out to legendary UK skater Sean Goff this week who came a cropper whilst tackling the Hastings Cradle this at this weekend’s Battle of Hasting’s comp. He managed to dislocate his shoulder and break his wrist in the fall that saw him drop 14ft from the cradle’s jaws.

The scans here show the shoulder injury. The right hand side shows just how far the humerus bone had popped out the joint. Get well soon mate.