Steven King gets Time Stretched

Here’s something a little different. A couple of months ago, Nye Vaughan teamed up with the most underground skater in Wales, Steven King, to produce the Time Stretched promo.

Steven King footage is notoriously hard to come by, but when it does then the champagne comes straight out. His style, approach and obscure trick selection have turned him into something of a reluctant legend in Wales. Have a look below to see why.

Big props to Nye for spending four grueling months meticulously editing this, it’s a compelling watch…

Daniel Lutheran: Welcome to the Machine

Daniel Lutheran has now been confirmed as a full-blown Toy Machine am and you can join Leo Romero and Johnny Layton who celebrate with him in his sweet Welcome edit below.

Use this as a perfect reason to remind yourself that Brain Wash, the next video to come from the bloodsucking skateboard company, is coming…

Video: Cardiff Barrage Plaza

Below is Nick Richards’ edit covering the opening month action from the Cardiff Barrage Plaza. Click here for our Spot Check of the Gravity park, and see below for the amazing edit Nick filmed for us.

Watch Justin Brock in ‘The Skateboard Collection’

How often do you see people f/s bigspin down triple sets? Now think about how often you see them do it whilst weaving through security guards? Never, right?

Watch the clip below to see Justin Brock do just that as well as one of the sickest lines you might see this week in his chapter in Quiksilver’s The Skateboarding Collection video series.

Plan B Vamdals

Felipe Gustavo and Scott Decenzo are under spotlight here as Plan B’s Am team are accused of disgustingly good skateboarding.

The new Plan B promo, ‘Vamdalism‘ dropped online today and is a fine example of how fast skateboarding is progressing and how more baffled the rest of us can be made watching it.

It’s 2010 and tricks are becoming too difficult to become trends. Woah.