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Andy Evans’ Ham Jam edit

The creator of Heel Toe Magic and all round top geezer Andy Evans has dropped his edit from this weekend’s Ham Jam online this morning. Watch the highlights here.

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Ham Jam 2011 footage from Shoreham

Last weekend’s Ham Jam on the South Coast attracted rippers from all over the country.

Watch Matt Parry’s footage and Rick Inskip’s edit of the full day out featuring footage of Greg Nowik, Jake Collins, Jed Cullen, Joe Atkins, Sean Goff, Jim the Skin, Mike Day, James Breeze, Sam Pulley, Jo Howard, Paris, Tea Bag, Oakley Liddel, Daryl Nobbs, Lee Blackwell, Iain ‘WIllie’ Youngo and many, many more.

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Shoreham Ham Jam 2010

Words: Richie Inskip
Photography: Harvey Mills

A good bacon sandwich must be the best cure for a stinking hangover and this Sunday morning (5th September) had the same effect, but the pork came in the form of the HAM JAM. Fighting the early signs of rain, the day kicked of pretty early after a hard day’s Battle in Hastings. With the bruised warriors and fresh recruits a new day began. The mission was easy- to rip apart the best bowl in the country and take a share of the £1000 cash prize money.  With the help of the sponsors (Santa Cruz, Ocean Sports, Independent) and 20 cases of Redbull, Shoreham Bowl was ready to stand up and see how many men would draw their pork sword and show some real balls.

The under 16 Jam saw 7 year old Luke Shoonbrood getting hooked up with Little and Gnarly after dropping the deep end first time and making himself the youngest skater to drop the bowl to date. It was cool to see these kids flying around concrete corners with rock n rolls and early grab lay back airs. Harry Phelps really showed the future for UK bowl riding and that it’s not just about kickflips and rails, these kids were rad!

Mark Munson gets inverted

Then it was the turn of the older boys, or masters as they liked to be called, and rightly so. You are only as young as the bowl you’re riding and these guys rediscovered the meaning of youth. It might have had something to do with sea breeze but they fully skated for over an hour with some obscene lines over the Deathbox (a.k.a the chicken box). With Jelly providing the rubber chicken, it was apparent that some of the old boys had not choked it enough recently. The best trick over the chicken box saw front smiths, board slide rocks and big frontside airs. Although, it was always Mark Munson’s invert over the Box that was taking home the bacon (and a slice of pool coping).

Pulley goes frontside while All-Terrain-Trev crosses his legs before an arm snapper

The Pro-Am jam saw, Greg Nowik, Jake Collins, Potter, Pulley, Trev (ATT), Sean Goff, Teabag, Paris and Col ‘Cannibal’ Adam amongst others fooking killing it. Teabag hopped in with the SYB boys to travel down from Edinburgh on the over night 10 hour coach trip to show his demon side and feed off the session. Hurricanes, massive front 5’s, switch Back D’s were all pocketed and Tea Stained. Scottish Col would have brought Elton John to his knees with his take of Rocket Man with massive Rocket airs and crazy egg plants, it was the invert on the Redbull Fridge that earnt him the most cash. Nowik was just himself (plus the bowler hat) and had faster feet than an Irishman on coke during paddy’s day. He must have loved the music with some crazy coping dance and huge air walk fakies. All Terrain Trev took home the highest air before snapping his arm over the deathbox. Get Well soon Trev!

Greg Nowik cranked dat superman

In all, the pork was roasted, the crackling was crunchy and everyone that turned up to the Ham Jam had their fill. See below for the meaty edit roasted by Mr. Danny Bulmer.