Skrillex talks to Mixmag about skateboarding

“I’ve always loved Vallely.”

Dubstep producer Skrillex talked to Mixmag this week and declared his skills on a deck and more on record in a recent Q&A.

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When did you first start skating?

I first started skating when I was about nine – that was in San Francisco. Then, when I was about twelve, I moved to LA and used to skate at spots like Verdugo Hills high school, which is a really famous spot. I was always more into ‘go big’ – seeing how many stairs I could jump. My claims to fame when I was young were ollying the twelve-stair, pop shuvits, kick-flipping the six stair, stuff like that. I was also playing in punk bands at the time.

So do you still skateboard?

Absolutely. On the Mothership tour I’d skate for hours before a show. I’d work up a real sweat and be hyped before I went on stage.

Was your manager not against it – just in case you broke a wrist and couldn’t DJ?

Nah man! I’m not going to give it up. For me skateboarding is a bit like getting piercings and having my ears stretched. I’ve had them like that since I was young, but if I didn’t have them already, at this age, I probably wouldn’t get them done. Likewise, I’ve skateboarded for a long time, so I know my way. But if you weren’t that deep into it and you tried to go hard now, you could really fuck yourself up. Everybody is a bit more fearless when they’re young. Nowadays, I’m just doing flat down tricks – fun boxes and that kind of thing.

Read the rest of this interview discussing Steve Berra, Koston and more here.

The new Girl Chocolate video is Pretty Sweet

The upcoming Girl/Chocolate DVD title has been announced today and it’s called Pretty Sweet. Get hyped on what will be dropping in November this year!

girl_chocolate_ pretty_sweet_dvd

101 Falling Down promo incoming

The epic 9 minute’s of skating that made up 101 Skateboards’s ‘Falling Down’ promo is about to be aired online by 30 SHOT.

The master tape features sections from Andy Stone, Adam McNatt, Gabriel Rodriguez and Eric Koston and was originally released back in 1993. Take in this trailer and come back to our news section to watch it in full tomorrow.

Off the Grid with Murawski and Motta

Remember that Off The Grid video feature with Eric Koston that was online in May?

This latest video feature has Blueprint’s Marty Murawski and Skate Mental’s John Motta on the dartboard. Watch THE best pool skating you have ever witnessed and much more. So much fun.

Eric Koston talks to Dazed Digital

Eric Koston is interviewed today by Dazed and Confused Magazine to discuss his new limited skate shoe that is collab’ed with basketball player Kobe Bryant.

This is Frost’s first signature shoe for Nike which took 15 months to put together. Look out for it released on July 1st in the US.

Click here for the interview and here for new footage of Koston on tour discussing the shoe.

Pudwill tops the Street League, footage from Seattle

Yesterday’s Street League preliminary qualifying finals comp in Seattle produced some amazing skateboarding. Watch all the footage from the Key Arena thanks to TWS cameras in this clip and their round up of results in the race to get their hands on the $150,000 loot.


1. Torey Pudwill 86.4
2. Nyjah Huston 85.8
3. Shane O’Neill 77.9
4. Chaz Ortiz 70.5
5. Chris Cole 70.4
6. Mikey Taylor 64.4
7. Paul Rodriguez 59.0
8. Ryan Sheckler 56.1
9. Mike Mo Capaldi 54.3
10. Tommy Sandoval 52.7
11. David Gonzalez 46.0
12. Nick Dompierre 43.0
13. Dylan Rieder 42.5
14. Peter Ramondetta 42.3
15. Billy Marks 34.4
16. Eric Koston 34.0
17. Mark Appleyard 33.6
18. Braydon Szafranski 14.9
19. PJ Ladd 8.8
20. Brandon Biebel 0.0 (Biebel took off to Vegas last minute and didn’t enter)