Watch: Carroll, MJ, Frost and Alvarez in Skatepark (Red)

New footage from these guys is one of the best possible ways to finish off the working day. So as you computer heads log onto Facebook to skive one last time and you students… well, continue skiving as per, have a watch of this sick edit from the Crailtap park that’s had a bit of a (Red) makeover.

Mike Carroll, Marc Johnson, Eric Koston and Vincent Alvarez all smash it in this, some of the things done on the whippy quarter to hubba are totally bonkers. Enjoy below.

Crailtap’s Mini DV Drawer ‘The Chocolate Tour Years’

This should be compulsory viewing for all those hiding from the snow this cold Tuesday morning. Crailtap have posted up some footage from one of skateboarding’s golden eras, the late 90s, specifically ‘The Chocolate Tour Years‘.

Watch below as Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Chico Brenes, Richard Mulder, Guy Mariano and Scott Johnson remind us why skateboarding will always be awesome.

Girl/Chocolate: Der Bratwurst Tour Ever Edit

chocolate girl skateboardsThe full edit from the Der Bratwurst Tour Ever has dropped online overnight featuring Girl and Chocolate Skateboards pro’s cruising Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Leipzig and Berlin.

Watch this latest Crailtap edit with Kenny Anderson, Sean Malto, Vincent Alvarez, Eric Koston, Chico Brenes, Cory Kennedy and Lem Villemin in Germany this summer.

Der Bratwurst Tour Ever from Crailtap on Vimeo.