Dustin Dollin interview

dustin_dollinAugust’s epic Vans Downtown Showdown in London’s Spitalfields market attracted thousands and also welcomed various Vans pro’s on the day too. In the melee over East, we bumped into Baker Skateboards’ Australian ripper, Dustin Dollin and sat down for a quick chat about his skateboarding life.

Dustin is one of skateboarding’s most animated characters and also backs it up with some of the best skating out there, so it was a pleasure to share a beer and shoot the shit with him in a noisy bar.. This is the second part in a 3 part series from the Showdown (part one is here). Get a beer on the go, click play and find out more about the Mayor of the Piss Drunx.

Thanks to Steve Gourlay, Ben Michell, Jack Tarlinton and Corbin Harris down under.


Vans Downtown Showdown London video part 1

I’m sure it’s safe to say that you’ve all probably already seen the edits and highlights of the brilliant Vans Downtown Showdown skate event that was held in London in August this month. Instead of covering the event trick by trick, we decided to focus on an alternative view with the help of hardworking artist, French as he designed the artwork. So this video series will cover the Showdown itself, a guest pro interview and an insight into French’s daily life as part of our Day In The Life skate art series that will all make sense on Halloween this year.

In the first part of three episodes, we kick off the day in question at French’s gaff by waking up the Antiz guys and heading over to Spitalfields Market to see what went down. Be sure to tune in next week where we interviewed ‘The Mayor of the Piss Drunks’ and Vans pro Dustin Dollin.

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Cliché obstacle Dowtown Showdown highlights edit

vansdowntownshowdownHighlights from last weekend’s Downtown Showdown event in London have been released this morning from VANS. Enjoy all the skating filmed on the Cliché obstacle right here.

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VANS Downtown Showdown rocks London

Photo by Matthew Bromley: Samual Partaixwallrides.

This weekend’s Downtown Showdown organised by VANS went off in fine style. The Spitalfields crowds were spoilt for choice with guest pro’s Alva, Rowley, Dollin, AVE and Pfanner teaming up with Vans legend, Steve Van Doren himself to bring the capital a top day out.

Despite the classic British weather that brough sunshine and showers, the skateboarding impressed with sponsored riders from Alis, Death, Palace, Blueprint, Antiz, Cliche, Enjoi, Element (Europe), Superdead and Yama getting amongst the obstacles on show built by the teams themselves. Our favourite being Death Skateboards’ Ripper Alley, that had whippy transitions, concrete coping, a bank to wall, a hip and a rails within its design.

Overall, this was the biggest skateboard event to grace London in a while. The highlight of the day being Steve Van Doren, walking around with a smile on his face serving people pizza! Look out for an interview with Dustin Dollin from the event on here soon.


Death Skateboards Obstacle

1st: Phil Zwijsen – EUR 1,500
2nd: Ben Raemers – EUR 800
3rd: Danny Brady – EUR 500

Cliche Obstacle

1st: Danny Brady – EUR 1,500
2nd: Chris Oliver – EUR 800
3rd: Dallas Rockvam – EUR 500

Superdead Obstacle

1st: Nassim Guammaz – EUR 1,500
2nd: Chris Pfanner – EUR 800
3rd: Rob Smith – EUR 500

Best Pro: Danny Brady – EUR 1,500

Best Am: Nassim Guammaz – EUR 1,000


Flo Mirtain EUR 1,000

Team of the Day:

1st Antiz – EUR 14,000
2nd Element Europe – EUR 10,000
3rd Enjoi – EUR 8,000
4th Superdead – EUR 6,000

Visit the Vans site for more photos and videos here.

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Alva and Van Doren at the VANS store until 2pm today

Tony Alva and Steve Van Doren will be sat in the VANS store in London’s famous Carnaby Street until 2pm today. Head on down to meet a couple of living legends and get you hands on some FREE Vans goodies ahead of tomorrow’s Downtown Showdown in Spitalfields. Don’t miss this, all info here.

Competitions Win

Win a VANS Downtown Showdown package!

The VANS European Downtown Showdown be held on the Saturday 20th August in Old Spitalfields Market, London and will be a free event for all. 50’000 Euro’s will be up for grabs for those pro riders invited to partake so get this in your diary and see one of the best skate events London will see in years!

To celebrate this gathering, VANS have sent us some brand new Rowley SPV’s, a limited edition art print designed by French and signed by Chris Pfanner, AVE, Dustin Dollin, Geoff Rowley, Tony Alva and Steve Van Doren, who will all be at the event as guests, plus a bunch of VANS apparel will be chucked into this package!

To enter, like the Crossfire Facebook page as we will be contacting you if you win from there only and answer this question below tied in with this new VANS Europe video. Find VANS on facebook too here.


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Element at Downtown Showdown 2010

Element have posted up some highlights from last weekend’s Vans Downtown Showdown in LA where their team which had European riders including Ross McGouran on board came in 4th and was won by Beauty and the Beast (a team of Girl and Anti-Hero combined).

Look out for more footage online as this comp is always amazing.