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CPH Pro footage

cph_pro_videoThe CPH Open event in Copenhagen, Denmark has been going on this week in style, in between rain showers too. But that hasn’t stopped the flow of the skating out there, Pedro Barros, of course is hammering the concrete hard, as expected amongst an array of top names.

Here’s some footage from the first couple of days.

Skateboarding News

BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2016 highlights


This weekend saw the annual Bondi Bowl-A-Rama comp down under run on Bondi Beach, an event that is now a must watch staple contest for those who travel. Hawk and Lasek took the honours, enjoy this Boardworld highlights footage.

Masters’ Results:
1st: Tony Hawk (USA)
2nd: Pat Ngoho (USA)
3rd: Renton Millar (AUS)

Pros’ Results:
1st: Bucky Lasek (USA)
2nd: Cory Juneau (USA)
3rd: Tom Schaar (USA)

Skateboarding News

Cliché obstacle Dowtown Showdown highlights edit

vansdowntownshowdownHighlights from last weekend’s Downtown Showdown event in London have been released this morning from VANS. Enjoy all the skating filmed on the Cliché obstacle right here.