Axel’s Moves

Flip am Axel Cruysberghs delivers a Belgian shove front board for Jerome Loughran’s lense at the recent Flip demo in London.

Click here for the feature with video.

Tom Kruper – Frontside Shove It –
Colin Hale – Noseslide Nollie Flip Out
PJ Ladd – Fakie Cab Heel
Skate Kitchen – Spring Cleaning
Felipe Gustavo – Bigspin Front Nose
Rick Howard – Frontside 5-0

Top 5 Cut offs

1) Everyone stand back! I am going to try scien-
2) They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist-
3) OH SHI-
4) Go away, I’m fi-
5) I’m going to say Candlejack out loud. Just you try an-

Top 6 Truck companies so far from this week’s poll

1) Independent
2) Thunder
3) Venture
4) Tensor
5) Royal
6) Fury

Pic of the Week

IƱigo Igarza is the newest team rider on Fidelity Skateboards caught here switching a back smith and believe it or not, it was shot by himself…