McKeon’s Moves

Gyppo bastard Kevin McKeon lost the plot at Cantelowes this week and made one of these work. Sequence by Phil Procter

Eric Koston – Fakie F/S Crooks
Jimmy Carlin – F/S Depeche Mode
Brandon Biebel – Nollie Noseslide
Nick Trapasso – 360 flip fakie
Chris Atherton – Manuals!
Benson – FUCK OFF alley oop.

Top 5 Reasons why 2008 is better than 2007 for skating.

1) Extremely Sorry, potential Tom Penny madness and quite simply, David Gonzales.
2) People will hopefully slowly cease talking about Ryan Sheckler all the time.
3) Monster Network’s Never Forever, new Skipp footage and the first full section from Dave Watson.
4) After the standard set by Fully Flared, it can only get better. Hopefully.
5) Girl hooking up with (Red) gives you a good reason to shell out your hard earned monies for a plank of wood.

Top 5 skate smells

1) Vert pads
2) Christensen’s hat
3) Christensen’s armpits
4) Robin’s BBQ on the road
5) Fresh urethane

Pic of the Week

Steve Gourlay shoots a MASSIVE 360 Flip from Andrew Brophy somewhere in Oz

Send your pics in here.