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‘All My Friends’

It’d be foolish to be a London based trio of guitar wielding slackers without knowing that there’s a ton of other Londoners wielding their slack charms left right and centre throughout the capital city. Thankfully for Wicketkeeper, their breezy pop-smarts see them standing tall among a sea of five panel caps.

Methodically simple without being dumb, immediate without being throwaway, ‘All My Friends’ is a hook-laden, Lemonheads meets Pavement homage full of late 20s ennui. Captured live at House of Strange in South East London, their no-frills recording approach lets the song speak for itself as the raw energy pours and their slick melodies rise.

If you thrive on chunky guitar hooks and slacker charm then be sure to catch this instrument swapping trio live at The Shacklewell Arms on February 3rd with Naomi Punk.

‘All My Friends’ is taken from Wicketkeeper’s debut EP, Muscle Baby, self-released from Feb 9th.