Buzz Chart Single Reviews


‘Hungry Heart’
Fat Possum

Landing with the might of a thousand jackhammers are London’s most exciting young noisemakers, Yak. Their debut single, ‘Hungry Heart’, is a three minute opus that will have you clinging onto the bandwagon as soon as it comes careering out of their filthy garage rock den.

Their simplicity is bold, brash and charming, never straying from fiercely repetitive bass motifs that could have had even Noel Redding in a tizz. Lyrically, Yak come kicking and screaming at will with a testosterone fuelled mantra of “again and again and again” as their potent chorus rains down on your ears in a haze of fuzz.

Live, the three-piece put on a whirlwind display fizzing with action, be sure to catch them at their single launch on March 3rd at Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room.