‘For Those Who Graced The Fire’ EP
Rise Records


In the mid-eighties, iconic Californian hardcore demons Bl’ast took Black Flag’s menacing heavy-fusion template created on their ‘My War’ album and ran with it, unleashing three albums from 85-89 on SST Records that blew minds, and the genre, apart. In 2013, with Southern Lord having just reissued the bands back-catalogue, Bl’ast took to the road again with original vocalist Clifford Dinsmore and guitarist Mike Neider playing alongside Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo from Queens Of The Stoneage and the results, unsurprisingly, were devastating.

Re-inspired by the power of the music, the band hit the studio and have now recruited Dave Grohl and ex-Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski to fill in for Nick and Joey who had touring commitments, to record two new tracks for a new 7” EP. Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that that little combination can only be one thing, utterly explosive!

Sure enough, when first track ‘For Those Who Graced The Fire’ kicks in, Grohl’s unmistakable pounding drums detonate into life and the band lurch through a weird, contorted time signature that jars and splutters, uncomfortable and unsettling but powerful and addictive. ‘The Pulse’ is next, igniting with a churning signature Dukowski bass run before kicking into 60 seconds of prime nasty hardcore. Perfect.

It’s so good to hear Grohl back behind the drum kit and in good company, rather than the mainstream pap he churns out in his day job. His involvement will shine a lot of light upon this release. It’s deserved. The world needs to hear Bl’ast.

James Sherry

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The Battle of Black Flag has started!

It’s OFFicial. The Battle of the Black Flag’s has started. It seems that there was a reason behind Greg Ginn reforming Black Flag for a show at the UK’s Hevy Festival last week. Ex members not involved in Ginn’s reformed project of Black Flag have formed another project called ‘FLAG’. You can imagine Greg Ginn’s reaction to hearing this news. Steam most likely pumped from his ears and the reaction was to counter act and do his own thing.

‘FLAG’ is made up of Keith Morris on vocals, Chuck Dukowski on bass, Bill Stevenson on drums and Stephen Egerton on guitar. We wonder if Rollins will have the cheek to start a third project with the remaining members not in these two projects as don’t forget, Black Flag had many people playing alongside Ginn over the years. Probably not, but what a palava.

Black Face

Hydrahead Records 7″

Former Black Flag member Chuck Dukowski and Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson are kicking off 2012 with a Black Flag inspired musical journey that should excite the most hardened hardcore fan.

Dukowski played a big part in the history of Black Flag from day one. He joined forces with Greg Ginn back in 1976 and kicked off their first shows in Redondo Beach, California, bringing with him him the ability to write classic songs such as ‘Spray Paint’ from Damaged, the anti-authority filled ‘I’ve Heard It Before’ and the epic ‘My War’ tune, although he had left the band before ‘My War’ made it onto vinyl at SST.

This new project titled Black Face is fueled by four songs that Dukowski wrote for Black Flag all those years ago but never actually recorded. These tracks have all been released on one 7″ available from Hydrahead Records and bring those menacing, meandering guitar licks and traumatic vocals associated with Black Flag that we have all learned to love. Eugene Robinson does well in delivering a punching vocal that even back in the day could have warranted a slot in the original line up, so overall, Black Face gets the big thumbs up from here. Look out for touring plans and a more releases this year.

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Black Flag’s Dukowski has new band

Chuck Dukowski, the original bassist for Black Flag, has a new band.

The group, which also includes Eugene Robinson from Oxbow, is called Black Face and have recorded four tracks that were written around the My Way era of Black Flag. The other members of the band are ex-Oxbow drummer Tom Dobrov and Milo Gonzalez from Insects vs. Robots.

Check out this interview with Chuck on Vice, it’s definitely an interesting read.