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Watch Shaun Witherup’s Hype Mix from Hold Tight

Henry Edwards-Wood continues to find hidden gems in the archives of his hard drives this week. Shaun Witherup‘s Hype Mix was filmed by HTH and Morph.

“Found this old low res on one of my hard-drives a while back and it has had considerable late night and pre-skate viewage with some of the younguns I’ve been shooting with lately. I remember making this edit one night while we were hyping on the the new Wiley album in 2007. Shaun Witherup was and still is one a ridiculously talented community of South African skateboarders who make up such a big part of the London scene. He’s definitely not from E3 but his skating, especially at that time was too raw to not be matched up with this track if only for viewing pleasures of Shaun, myself and whichever skate rats happened to be round at the time.”

Hold Tight’s Archives – Shaun Witherup Hype Mix from HOLD TIGHT LONDON on Vimeo.