Sam Beckett Pro sesh at HOV


Sam Beckett‘s new pro status on Blind Skateboards was announced after a top sesh at the House of Vans in London a couple of week’s back, so enjoy the footage from that session and get your eyes on his new pro model that is heading to your local skate shop right now.

It’s not often a UK pro gets a board on a US company so raise that glass!

Mother Collective RIP as Quasi Skateboards is born


The guys at Mother Collective ran into some legal nightmares only a few months after launching their new skate company and were served up a cease and desist letter. Like any name thesedays, it’s tough to find one that isn’t owned by someone else, even if it’s not for the same goods, but it looks like they’ve nailed the issue head on.

You can imagine the amount of stress this would have caused but they have fought it and re-launched this week under a new name, so welcome Quasi Skateboards and their new first run of decks that look incredible.

Nothing has changed other than the name so look out for these colourful gems in your local skate shop.

Blue balls 8.375″ X 32.25″.


8″ X 32.125″ & 8.25″.


Bledsoe – ‘Shaman’ One 8.125″.



Gilbert Crockett – ‘Quilt’ 8.25″ & 8.5″.



’72 [ whitewash ] 8.5″ X 33″.


‘Proto One’ 8.25″ X 32.125″. Comes with a free custom mini-sharpie.


Would a skateboard made from cardboard work?


Paul Schmitt has more experience and knowledge of making skateboards than anyone else on earth so when he was set a task to make a deck made of cardboard, it was odds on he would probably be able to pull it off. Tony Hawk tests the final design in this new engineering feat.

Mike Arnold’s Alfresco offcuts

Ph: Reece Lueng


Get jazzed up with Mike Arnold‘s offcuts from the Skateboard Cafe’s first full length video ‘Alfresco’. There’s also an interview and Reece Leung gallery feature on the Welcome blog you should have a gander at too.

In related news, congrats to Korahn Gayle who went pro for the Skateboard Cafe this weekend. Much deserved! Look out for the flick in your local SOS as it just landed this week.

Mogwai x Focus deck and tee collab


Long serving Scottish skate shop Focus have collaborated with Mogwai on a series of limited edition skateboard decks and t-shirts, celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary. Whereas Daft Punk’s latest skateboard attempt was a cruiser, these are the real deal.

Printed in limited numbers, each deck costs £49.95, short sleeve tees £16, long sleeve tees £18, and will be available via Mogwai’s online store and Focus’ online shop and in store at their Edinburgh shop from this Saturday.

£5 from every deck sold will go towards the GUSM74 skate park project in Glasgow. Grab them quickly.

Mogwai-x-Focus-shortsleeve-1 (1)

Mother Collective Skateboards first catalogue


Mother Collective, the new skateboard company that launched this month with Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe, and Gilbert Crockett repping team business out of Ohio, have launched their first catalogue as seen on Tumblr this morning. Check out the new decks will start to hit stores at the end of March.

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