Steve Alba hits 50 years

The first time I saw Salba in a magazine back in 1987, I was blown away by a shot of him skating Pipeline skatepark in Upland. Wearing leopard skin, pro-designd pads and tucked into the curves of the pipe, ‘Le Machine’ as he was nicknamed back then ruled pools, pipes and parks and had a presence that earned him a reputation in the skate scene in California that most would aspire to.

Now 50 years into his life, Steve Alba is still scouting out pools and still giving skateboarding everything he has. Incredible feat. Incredible skateboarder. Watch his Spitfire video and more below and look forward to pushing your rig when you get to that half century.

HAPPY 50TH SALBA from dlxsf on Vimeo.

D*Face and Salba make art with Pool Paint idea

d-face_pool_salba_artThe last time we saw London street artist D*Face he was involved in shooting with Hold Tight Henry and Justin Brock for a Real advert.

This time he has hooked up with legendary skater Salba and has applied a high-tech, remotely controlled contraption that leaves line traces from spray paint in pools. Watch it here.

Jeff Grosso and Salba talk Badlands

Jeff-GrossoJeff Grosso meets up with Upland Pipeline legend Salba for his Loveletters video series this month. The Upland Pipeline was a classic skatepark which opened in 1977 and one of a kind at the time being the first park to add vert and a full pipe that claimed many collar bones.

Get the history of Badlands and much more from 2 of the best concrete rippers that ever graced and shaped our scene today and scroll down to see how this place ate the mighty Chris Miller back in 1985.