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D*Face releases epic new book The Monograph

Those who have read the Southbank coffee table book would be aware that Crossfire and D*Face shared their very first skate sessions back in the 80s as school kids and grew up learning how to ollie together ahead of shredding every spot around Surrey and London.

Dean Stockton, aka D*Face, is on the cusp of dropping a stunning new book tomorrow containing 20 years worth of exceptional artwork as the follow up to his epic debut coffee table publication, The Art of D*Face – One Man & His Dog released five years back.

Last night we visited his studio to flick through his first copy of The Monograph that was fuelled by skateboarding, punk rock, hip hop, carrots and boulders*. It’s a monstrous insight into his personal art addiction derived from our collective scenes, depicting his stickers, posters, art pieces and murals that have brightened up streets, lamp posts, galleries and the faces of tall buildings across the globe.

Inspired by the work of Jim Phillips, Winston Smith and Shepard Fairey (who shares words in the opening pages) The Monograph should be on your Christmas list for a visual treat that is designed to inspire. You can pick it up at the Book Depository now (with a 10% discount), shipping worldwide and released tomorrow.

BTW, those who can identify all the decks on the wall behind him in the photo above will win interweb nerd bragging rights…


Skateboarding News

D*Face and Salba make art with Pool Paint idea

d-face_pool_salba_artThe last time we saw London street artist D*Face he was involved in shooting with Hold Tight Henry and Justin Brock for a Real advert.

This time he has hooked up with legendary skater Salba and has applied a high-tech, remotely controlled contraption that leaves line traces from spray paint in pools. Watch it here.