Line Check April 2011

Spring 2011 has arrived and there are many new products out there for you to check out this month. Here’s a selection of our recommended purchases if the recession is allowing you to wallow in some luxuries right now from Superdead, Flip, Palace, Baker, Independent, Kill City, Death, Etnies, Emerica, Altamont, Spitfire, Lovenskate, Dephect, Supreme, Supra, Kr3w, Quiksilver, Element, Alien Workshop, Brixton Addict and DVS.












Quiksilver Alex Olson Denim

In my early years of learning how to push a plank without looking retarded Quiksilver was a pretty big deal. The indisputable king of skate comps, the Bowlriders at Marseille, was at its peak and the brand had a then-new sense of heritage attached to it. When you though about Quiksilver you thought about France; you thought about frontside slashes and big airs; you thought about late 80s Lance Mountain, you thought about mid 90s Omar Hassan, doing airs over a bloody tiger you even thought about a pre-pubescent Dylan Rieder and not in the really bad, weird and illegal way and of course,  Jereme Rogers who claimed to be on Quik and made up stories when he was young. How time has changed.

Quiksilver have since continued developing a sort of taste for skaters who happen to be – how should I put this? – handsome-as-fuck. No wonder Rogers didn’t make the cut. Look at Alex Olson, whose signature jeans I happen to have on right now. He rips like a mentalist and the girls absolutely LOVE him. Just wearing these tight black badboys makes me feel at least four percent more attractive to both the opposite sex and those weird guys who drink beers at the bowls and whistle at all the skate kids.

She’s talking about Alex Olson. But while I wear these jeans I like to think that she’s talking about me. So it is with great pride that I shoehorn my podgy legs into these tight (but comfortable) jeans and go shredding. Quiksilver definitely know how to make great clothing, and therefore I can only recommend that you, providing you are a good honest skateboarder, to go and try a pair on for size. You just might become more attractive and probably more likely to succeed. Probably


Quiksilver team rip China

daniel cardoneJavier Mendizabal, Christian Cortizo, Dominik Dietrich, the UK’s Ross McGouran, Ignacio Morata, Manuel Margreiter and Daniel Cardone all feature in this latest Quiksilver edit of the team skating through the main gateways to Southern China.

Enjoy this footage of the team skating some amazing spots in Shenzhen and Macao and look out for reviews of the new Quiksilver clothing collection next week.

Watch: Quiksilver 80s Vert Challenge video

This was always looking to be a fun day out since they announced the line up a few weeks back. Watch Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi and many more legends from the 80s vert scene skate at this year’s SurfExpo in the USA. The results were as follows:

1. Tony Hawk
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Mike Frazier
4. Christian Hosoi
5. Mike McGill
6. Henry Guiterez
7. Jeff Hedges
8. Kevin Staab
9. Todd Johnson
10. Mark Lake
11. Buck Smith
12. Bob Umble
13. Cara Beth Burnside
14. Steve Steadham

Watch: Quiksilver’s Outhouse, Warehouse, Flophouse

Quiksilver have teamed up with skateboarding’s East Coast video auteur, Bill Strobeck for this little edit starring Danny Garcia, Austyn Gillete, Reese Forbes and Alex Olson.

In classic Strobeck style, the clip captures the mundane and the extraordinary and blends them together into something at once arresting and astonishing. Austyn Gillete is just TOO legit.

Have a look and enjoy below.

Watch Justin Brock in ‘The Skateboard Collection’

How often do you see people f/s bigspin down triple sets? Now think about how often you see them do it whilst weaving through security guards? Never, right?

Watch the clip below to see Justin Brock do just that as well as one of the sickest lines you might see this week in his chapter in Quiksilver’s The Skateboarding Collection video series.