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A Tribe Called Quest documentary gets UK Premiere

The UK Premiere of Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest will be shown exclusively by The Doctor’s Orders and Soundcrash.

The film will be shown at Koko in London and will be followed by an exclusive live performance from Phife Dawg on November 21st. Doors are at 7pm with the film starting at 8pm. Below is the trailer for the film, which contains interviews with the likes of Common, Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Mos Def, Ludacris, Pete Rock and more.

Tickets are £15.50 from

Music News

Q-Tip hits out at documentary director

Q-Tip and Michael Rapaport have come to a head once again over the latter’s documentary of A Tribe Called Quest.

With the film due for release soon, Q-Tip has warned other rappers to tell their own stories, instead of letting someone put a different slant on their lives. He said:

“…this is just another warning shot, a flare coming from a cannon so that they could get this thing right…The other thing is, to everybody out there in Hip Hop who’s crossed the threshold, who’s done work, who has a history, whether it be Queen Latifah, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Nas, Ice Cube or N.W.A., yo, tell y’all own stories…This Hip Hop shit is our shit.”

Rapaport then replied by saying the interview had been confused by Tip’s comments, saying:

“I don’t understand what he was talking about with telling their own stories…Martin Scorcese does movies about gangsters, and if you’ve ever been around Martin Scorcese, he’s the furthest thing from a gangster…Last time I heard from Q-Tip he sent me an email and he said, ‘All you gotta do is stay white and be privileged.'”

It’s a shame it’s come to this, but peep the trailer below and get hyped anyway because it does look good: