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Menikmati bonus edit by French Fred

Fred Mortagne uploaded some of the footage filmed for the bonus edit on the éS Menikmati film. Enjoy this edit featuring Koston, Saari, Burnquist, Creager, Rodrigo TX, McCrank and Penny from 2000.

Skateboarding News

Swansea Skatepark footage 1997-2002

swansea_skateparkLook back in time today to the Swansea skate scene throughout the years of 1997-2002. This recent archived footage features Pritchard and the globe crew when Globe were fully active in the UK, an eS demo with Koston, McCrank, Wainwright, Gayle, Wileman plus many more Swansea and Bristol boyo’s.

The new skatepark that was scheduled to be open this weekend has been delayed so check the local updates from about the new dates.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Momentum Rebates 54mm

There are certain things in life that we take for granted. Things that, if taken away from us, would gently sap the joy from our souls, the very part of you that you don’t always notice, but subconsciously makes you want to get up in the morning and fucking get some. I’m talking about the stuff we label as simple things, because they’re simply too overwhelming for us to understand. Like weights being lifted from your chest after just one sip of coffee, the chance of seeing a cat in the street, a good drum beat, the sound of a football commentator losing his shit when his country score and what I got up for this morning – the feeling of skating downhill with brand new wheels.

The wheels that helped get that inner smile beaming like a Cheshire cat on the smoothest, grooviest acid trip were made by Momentum. A company renowned for making smooth, cool wheels that don’t rile the environment. In today’s ever-greyer landscape making environmentally friendly skate products can only be encouraged by someone who wants to see cats roam the streets every day and my coffee to taste bloody delicious.

These wheels are advertised as not only kind to the environment but gentle on your wallet which – if for some reason does put you off – shouldn’t cause any doubt about the quality. These are the wheels that smoothie drinking, smoothie skating Rick McCrank has on his board and are you to question that dude’s taste in wheels? Momentum Rebates are ultimately a solid piece of recycled urethane that won’t hurt your bank balance, so whack on some green clothes and get ready for that smooth ride that makes everything you see in the street instantly life-assuring.



Machotaildrop London Premiere

Corey Adams and Alex Craig’s MACHOTAILDROP movie premiered in Leicester Square’s Prince Charles cinema last night to a full house hosted by éS and Slam City Skates.

The movie, based around a sponsorship hungry skater who finds a weird and wonderful world of professional skateboarding is a full length production featuring Rick McCrank, John Rattray, Fred Mortagne, Frank Gerwer, Steve Olson, all of whom play the most random roles in what has to be the only film that takes skateboarding closest to classic titles such as Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Monty Python and James Bond! Laughter is guaranteed throughout this comedy filled fable as Walter Rhum‘s dreams come true catapulting his 17 year old envy into pro skate heaven only to find out that..well, you will just have to watch it, no spoilers here.

One thing well worth mentioning though is that this is not a cheap film by any means- the film boasts epic costumes, Warriors and Daggers references with sublime stupidity within sets featuring stalactites, mines, amusement parks, mansions and a floating half-pipe! MACHOTAILDROP is hands down the most twisted skateboard movie made to date so look out for it.