Exist Skatepark documentary Swansea

exist_skateparkOur good friend Jono Atkinson has been documenting a bunch of behind the scenes footage of the opening of the new skatepark in Swansea.

Watch this footage that also has skating from Welsh Tommy, Dylan Hughes, Dave Snaddon, Barney Page, Mark Gear, Ric Cartwright, John ‘Beanhead’ Coppen and live music from Ssssnakes.

Swansea Skatepark footage 1997-2002

swansea_skateparkLook back in time today to the Swansea skate scene throughout the years of 1997-2002. This recent archived footage features Pritchard and the globe crew when Globe were fully active in the UK, an eS demo with Koston, McCrank, Wainwright, Gayle, Wileman plus many more Swansea and Bristol boyo’s.

The new skatepark that was scheduled to be open this weekend has been delayed so check the local updates from www.existskatepark.com about the new dates.

Exist ‘Be Good Now’ video premier tmrw night

If you are nearby to Swansea on Saturday night then get down to the video premiere at the opening of the new Exist Skatepark.

‘Be Good Now’ will have footage of Dylan Hughes, Nicky Howells, Jess Young, Welsh Tommy, Sam Austin and more.

Watch the trailer here.