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Luan Oliveira’s Mic Check Part


Watch Brazilian soil get rinsed by the incredible technical ability that only Luan Oliveira brings to the scene. The Flip pro smashes this and the filming coming from Fernando Granja and Ewan Bowman with Public Enemy putting the cherry on the cake.

Brought to you thanks to Thrasher. SOTY anyone?

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Luan Oliveira welcomes P-Rod to Brazil

Two weeks back, Luan Oliveira was welcomed to the Nike team and promtly invited Paul Rodriguez to visit Brazil for a session. That session was filmed and here it is with mostly demo and some street footage.

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Luan Oliveira joins Nike


Looks like Flip’s technical wizard Luan Oliveira is the latest to be invited to the Swoosh party. Watch part one of a continued story line and check out his brand new Couture pro deck on Flip.

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Flip Skateboards to visit Hemel’s XC skatepark in July

flip_logoThe Flip Skateboards team will visit the UK in July for an evening session at Hemel Hempstead’s XC park on Thursday July 12th.

The date is set in stone and the rider list could possibly include David Gonzalez, Luan Oliveira, Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Lance Mountain, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Ben Nordberg, Greyson Fletcher, Geoff Rowley and Rune Glifberg.

This list of visiting pro’s will be confirmed nearer the time but get this date in your dairy and get your tickets sorted from the skate park. the session will start at 7pm.

Watch Ben Nordberg’s brand new full section for Flip released last week in advance of this visit and get hyped.

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Journey to Valhalla with Haslam, Gonzalez, Mullen etc

The Globe team visited Europe this July and cruised through the cities of Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Oslo. Watch footage of Rodney Mullen, David Gonzalez, Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, Luan Oliveira, and Louie Lopez on this Journey to Valhalla.

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Flip Skateboards European Tour video part 2

The second episode of Flip Skateboards‘ European Tour has arrived. Click play for footage of Louie Lopez, Luan Oliveira, Andrew Langi, Arto Saari, Curren Caples and David Gonzalez, skating Bavaria, Denmark, Germany and Norway.

If you want to win a massive Tom Penny package this month with Flip, Supra, Mob Grip, Independent, Ricta, MOB Grip and Kr3w products, then click here for the comp that runs until October 13th 2011.

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Flip Skateboards in Europe tour video part 1

The Flip Skateboards team have been rolling through Europe over the summer, hitting up spots and parks in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

The tour has been documented in 2 parts so get stuck into part one here featuring Andrew Langi, Arto Saari, Curren Caples, David Gonzalez, Louie Lopez, Luan Oliveira and Tom Penny and look out for part 2 dropping soon.

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Sam Beckett ranks in top 12 at CPH Pro, full results

Flip pro Luan Oliveira took home the top spot at this year’s Copenhagen Pro comp in Denmark this weekend. The bowl comp was won by new Chocolate am, Raven Tershay but Sam Beckett represented and came in a respectible 5th place being the only British skater to break into the top 12’s for either comp.

Photo: Tershay by Mathijs Tromp from Tackyworld

Street results:

1. Luan Oliveira
2. Dennis Busenitz
3. Chris Cole
4. Grant Taylor
5. David Gonzalez
6. Josef Scott Jatta
7. Neverton Casella
8. Peter Ramondetta
9. Eero Antilla
10. Roberto Aleman
11. Wieger Van Wageningen
12. Chris Pfanner

Bowl Results:

1. Raven Tershay
2. Matt Miller
3. Pedro Barros
4. Alex Perelson
5. Sam Beckett
6. Taylor Bingaman
7. Rune Glifberg
8. Curren Caples
9. Grant Taylor
10. Nicky Guerrero
11. Daniel Cardone
12. Tony Trujillo