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We Are Lost Boys


[Wolf At Your Door Records]

There is always something great about having lyrics describing everyday battles delivered to you in a matter of fact fashion, and that’s what We Are Lost Boys do so well with their latest EP ‘Life’. This is gritty British pop-punk laid bare for all to see with lead single ‘T.W.O.T.W’ epitomising the style they are aiming for.

But the issue with We Are Lost Boys is their lack of individuality; they couldn’t sound any more like Lower Than Atlantis if they tried. The transparent nature of their lyrics would come across as beautifully honest if it wasn’t for the blatant comparison to the work of their peers.

It’d be harsh to criticise this EP completely just because it’s not particularly unique… ‘Life’ is a great attempt, We Are Lost Boys just need to focus on carving their own way otherwise they will always be in the shadows of more established artists.

Words: Emma Wallace

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Lower Than Atlantis video appeal

British rocksters Lower Than Atlantis will be releasing new single Deadliest Catch prior to their album release in April and they’re asking fans to help out with the concept for the music video that will accompany said track.

Check out all the details over on YouTube!

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Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis
Beech Like The Tree
A Wolf At Your Door Records

Beech Like The Tree is Lower Than Atlantis’ homage to their mate model Josh Beech and it demonstrates just why these young UK rockers are becoming such hot property. The track shows off the band’s songwriting prowess and their slight departure away from their punk roots. Essentially, what this song is is anthemic singalong rock. Where many British acts find themselves leaning toward a more American sound / style, LTA are quintessentially British – a quality that should stand them in good stead as they head off on a mammoth two month tour of the US this month. Those Americans love a good British accent.

With a sound that’s accessible but genuinely quite unique, Lower Than Atlantis are marrying their underground roots with some potentially massive rock melodies which are bound to wend their way into your head and not let go until you are constantly singing the band’s hooks. And the tunes aren’t catchy in an annoying way but in an organic, get under your skin kind of way that just perpetuates enthusiasm for the band and what they’re doing on the songs unleashed so far from forthcoming album ‘World Record’ (set for release 25th April on A Wolf At Your Door Records).

Having built their way up through the UK underground, LTA have started to get some serious mainstream attention on this latest single with Zane Lowe bestowing his ‘Hottest Record’ accolade and the likes of Greg James playing it on daytime Radio 1. With tracks as catchy as this and a burgeoning fanbase of kids and media alike, this is a band who are set to go far in 2011 so watch this space.


Music News

Lower Than Atlantis announce new album

Lower Than Atlantis have released details of their second album, which will be called World Record.

The album will be released on April 4th with the single Beech Like The Tree out on February 14th on Wolf At Your Door Records. The tracklisting is below as well as the video for the single. Boom!

1.    (Motor) Way of Life
2.    Beech Like The Tree
3.    High At Five
4.    Uni 9mm
5.    Another Sad Song
6.    Marilyn’s Mansion
7.    Deadliest Catch
8.    Bug
9.    Up In Smoke
10.    Could You? Would You?
11.    Working For The Man By Day, Sticking It To The Man By Night
12.    R.O.I.