Watch Alien Workshop’s Bunker Down video

bunker_down_alien_workshopSo here it is, in full. Alien Workshop have powered loads of work into reviving its once fallen crest to bring you a new identity in terms of team riders. Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Paul Lillani, Max Garson and Brandon Nguyen are now the henchmen for the SECT, get on this 14 minutes of artistic license and chill.

Joey Guevara “Transmission” by Transworld

Following on from Auby Taylor, this week Transworld offer to you the newest “Transmission” part, coming straight from Joey Guevara. Joey is the reason natural selection occurs within new skaters making them either go “I quit.” or “Damn, I want to do that.” as this part shows.
These spot should not look that easy to skate, but that’s what will keep you watching as he flows incessantly.