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“2 B” from ATB


Jake Powell, the vx tech master, who recently brought us the full length Blackpool flick “Mouth of the Ribble” has crept from hiding to film the first street edit since the films release. Entitled 2 B, they evade security every hour and shred into the cold night, all overlayed by the pathetic fallacy of DIIV, which reflects this seaside nightmare. Featuring Gabe Durkin, Will Davis and Robert Sanderson.

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Exposed: Mouth of the Ribble

MOTR BLINGBlackpool can be extremely thought provoking. Those thoughts mainly consisting of big plastic cocks and rock emblazoned in phrases you wouldn’t want entering your child’s mouth. Once you look behind the dazzling lights of the British town dubbed as a Mini Las Vegas, it can sure be another story.

This group of friends are hell bent on hauling themselves down almost anything skate-able and are shining a new light on this seaside delight in the form of many seaside showdowns. After seeing snippets of how these boys have worked their socks off filming for Mouth of the Ribble we asked their kingpin, Jake Powell, a few questions about his new scene flick and what went down in the making of it.


So, Jake, all in all how long has it taken for you to gather the mass amount of footage for this film?

We properly started gathering footage around three years ago, but the last year has been the most intense, simply in terms of trying to get it finished. When we began making the film I was in my final year of university and spent a lot of my time filming, instead of studying. However, since August 2013 I’ve been in full time work. As many people know it can be very hard finding the time to film, especially when working with a crew who are free at different times, studying in different areas and of course, having to deal with the harsh reality of soaked out sessions, but that’s what you expect from living up north by the sea.


What compelled you to make a full length film? With the pace of online content it is becoming a rarity.

My initial aim was not to make a full-length feature but to make a 15/20 minute mix edit, mainly influenced by Sam Fickinger’s BATTYLIFE video. After a while though more and more people wanted to get involved and everybody wanted a premiere. It made complete sense to make such a big thing about it due to the effort that everybody has put into it.

Obviously you are from Blackpool, was most of the footage shot there?

I would say a solid 90% is filmed in and around the Blackpool area. There are so many spots, and lots others would deem as write-offs; it isn’t unusual to have to sweep up used condoms and cigarette butts before you get to skate. Besides this the spots are sick and I hope the video really shows that. We took a few trips to Manchester visiting Lloyd Mcleggon. On another occasion the Mashlife crew gave us a tour of Huddersfield, which was extremely nice of them! That’s where Henry skated into a river in his shit-stained boxers whilst covering his pierced nipples, worried his Mum might see the footage. (Rumbled, sorry about that.)


Retrospectively is there anything from the filming process that stands to be particularly memorable?

Honestly, there are far too many, I could ramble on for hours about the strange moments endured with these boys, I’m just going to name a few. From Josh Sanderson breaking his face whilst skating the smallest ledge in existence, down what must have been a good 20 stair to Henry rubbing his bum-hole on anything within sight. Jamie also refuses to shower for weeks on end, somehow smelling worse when he eventually does, which is why he’s ended up with the nickname ‘Pepperoni-Pits’. Seriously, fuck being in a car with him, he fucking stinks!

Jack Simmonds also bust his knee really bad whilst trying to one up his last trick. It all happened as some ripped security guard, who can only be described as a cloud, was trying to escort us off the premises so it was just all-round bad timing. I’m sure he’s just had surgery on it too, after being on a long ass waiting list, get well soon pal.

Joey Packman’s intro is absolutely insane, I’ve never seen a grown man fly like that. You’ll have to wait and see that one, but off camera he took his pants off and had managed to fall into a load of glass, it looked although he’d been stabbed up!

The main memory that springs to mind was a trip to Preston this summer. We had about five or six cars all loaded up with local talent, some of the Preston kids saw we had posted about the trip on our Facebook and came along to watch. Everyone killed it and put in their 100% to get tricks done, especially D-Bag who’s an animal. It was the first time filming with him and it’s safe to say the man is a machine. By far the most productive of all days.


This film is entirely in VX, was this a hard decision to make with most people now leaning towards HD content?

I decided to buy a VX1000 just after my 21st birthday, which was when HD seemed to be taking over. I only really bought it to make small edits and never anticipated what it would turn into. I see a lot of people bringing out VX Parts recently, so maybe this is pretty good timing.

Finally, what can we expect from you and the crew in the future?

I would really like to aim my focus towards some smaller projects working with local shredders, park edits and much more travelling etc. I’ll most likely be taking the plunge and investing in a HD camera sometime soon. For the most part, I’ll be keeping the Blackpool scene alive. It hasn’t been this active as a community since the Banny days (RIP). Big ups to everybody and anybody that skates in this crusty, torn down town.

Enjoy this exclusive edit from the DVD featuring the St Anne’s crew charging the streets, stomping all over the lyrical spats of Blackpool MC EvilEyz. This footage was filmed only over a handful of sessions featuring Danny Moore, Leigh Devine, Yousef Souaidi, Liam Edgerton, Andrew Heppell and Danny Broadbent.

We asked some of the reprobates involved in this film to reminisce upon some of their favourite moments and experiences for your reading pleasure.


Gabe Durkin

“One of my highlights from filming was seeing Sandy’s pale white penis dangling through a hole in the roof of a gazebo, like a disgusting fleshy chandelier. We were skating the back of a school, with a fucking stupidly thin piece of metal taped over skate stoppers that were at the top of a gnarly three block that Pendlebury was trying to varial heel, meanwhile pretty much everybody else was chilling. It was at this point, having been coaxed on by Max that Sandy decided to climb on top of the gazebo and dangle his manliness through a small rip. “They’ll take your kids off you, Sandy,” shouted Pendlebury. Classic. Pendlebury didn’t get his trick but Sandy got gnar, with his dick – his pale, dangly dick.”

Boardslide / Sam Pendlebury

Lloyd Mcleggon

“For me, it’s been more of a challenge rather than spending a period of time filming. Since I was a late addition on an already diminished length of time, I was interested to see how much I could actually get. So on the days the crew was out, it was already on my mind of how much should I aim for today? I know it isn’t always the best of attitudes but when you’ve only had four full days to film, it has to be done. I loved the vibe that was present when with the ATB crew! That is definitely something I haven’t felt in a long time, but we were all definitely in it together.

Because of my approach, I really enjoyed filming as much as possible. However, in the same breath, I didn’t enjoy the pressure I laid upon myself to film so much in such a small time frame. It was certainly exhausting.”

Sam Pendlebury

“Best memory of skating has to be when the lads from Blackpool came to Huddersfield skating with the lot from Endemic. They showed us some prime Yorkshire spots, crusty ditches and worn down reservoirs.
A good day of skateboarding and beer, but mainly beer. Whilst on the topic, my favourite memories for sure have been spent largely off camera whilst out drinking in Blackpool town. There may be many memories missed thanks to what The Mirror newspaper coined “The Booze Capital of the UK”. However, these memories mainly consist of Sandy’s occasional shuffling (once you manage to get him to drink any more than half a pint) which looks although his legs may be repeatedly breaking and fusing back together. Josh also seems to take a similar approach towards nights out whilst throwing the odd handstand in there, which consists of strewn limbs cascading into the faces of fellow club goers.

Finally, a bit of advice for anybody who wants to film a local video: Remember why you skateboard. IT’S FOR FUN! Don’t take it too seriously. Shout outs go to ATB and Jake for putting in the time and effort because I know I could not be arsed filming me for hours on end.”

Drop in / Henry Calvert / Shot by Josh Sanderson

Henry Calvert

“Firstly, apologies to everybody for exposing myself far too much and far too frequently, it’s reached the point now where Jake could probably tell me whether it’s a shaving rash or STD without even looking. It’s been absolutely amazing going to all of these great places with some of my best friends, every time we’ve been out has been emblazoned in memories. Max has been the ultimate motivator on all trips anywhere and everywhere, the drop in photo (above) is down to him calling, “Free ciggies or no teeth, your decision.” The teeth removal performed by his own hands of course. Max is like one of those super fucked skate dads who punish their kids for not landing shit, employing sanctions for not enough effort and time wasting would be a regular occurrence.

One of my favorite trips has to be going to Chorley with just a small group. Mr (Joey) Packman met up with us and it’s always amazing to see him skate with that sketchy and unorthodox approach – it simply looks magical no matter what the trick is. Later on in the day to avoid saturating the car any further with my bodily fluids, I decided to take a spill in a fountain, as it was the peak of the summer. A random woman with the raspiest, most irritating voice came over and screeched down a manhole on repeat: “GAREH, GAREH, THERE’S BOYS SLIDIN’ EVERYWHERE, SORT EM OOT!” It may have been the most comical line she’s every said in that fucking annoying voice.

Robert Sanderson

Filming for this video has been a right laugh, from skating the shitty crusty spots that Blackpool has to offer, to skating some other crusty spot just a road trip away. One standout memory has to be immediately after Josh carved part of his face up whilst in Huddersfield, I’m sure somebody would’ve mentioned this incident. Anyway, once we scraped Josh off the floor, leaving a good portion of his skin adhered to the concrete beneath him, we skated on to the next potential spot where a few Huddersfield heads are skating with Sidewalk’s editor, Ben Powell. Once Ben sees the state of Josh’s face, he rummages through the boot of the car in a Mary Poppins kind of way, reappearing moments later with a first aid kit. Josh in his half-hearted manner tosses out the phrase, “don’t worry about it mate, I’m a lifeguard”. This phrase deemed as a rhetoric throughout the day, with Josh beckoning it out every time somebody nearly bit the dust. One question I must ask Josh is where were you when those heroic lifeguard actions of yours were truly needed? You’re about as fake as David Hasselhoff. Poser.

It’s been pretty difficult this past year trying to film as I recently got married and having two kids has pretty much sponged up any remnants of a social life that I have remaining. Everybody was buzzed at the premiere. People travelled from all over Lancashire and Yorkshire to view the finished product. This was probably a regretful choice depending on how many clips they saw of Henry with his knob out.


Maxwell Oldrid

I don’t really know where to start with this. I hate skating street but this video would’ve been shit if I hadn’t spent half of the time bribing people to do tricks with either money, ciggies or digs. That’s how half of these tricks were landed. Obviously spending far too much time with these boys has resulted in seeing multiple cocks and anus’ on a regular basis (mostly Henry’s), there’s an obscure photo of his arse hole floating around on a roll of film somewhere. whoever ends up with that in 50 years is surely in for a treat.

Durk is my favourite memory. How he came to skate with us is unknown and his origins within this universe are also unknown, he’s an international man of mystery. Also we took an impromptu trip out to Kirkham one night and came across this abandoned fire station with tons of stuff to fuck about with. Of course we become the subject of a Banksy piece, pretending we’re complete vandals and hurling fire extinguishers through windows etc etc, I have never had so much fun being an utter cunt whilst surrounded by equally as large cunts!

Pick up the Mouth of the Ribble DVD from the ATB Collective for just £5 from here.

Wallie / Gabe Durkin / Shot by Josh Stanton


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A Very ATB Christmas


The ATB Collective have followed through with their annual christmas edit. in all the glory they flip some wood and enjoy the homoerotic booty bouncing. Filmed by Jake Powell (Who took one of his bi-annual falls filming this)

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Henry Calvert’s ‘Mouth Of The Ribble’ Part


So here it is, the first full part from Blackpool’s new scene video, Mouth Of The Ribble headed up by Henry Calvert.

If you’ve been glued to instagram over the last couple of months, Calvert’s front flip coffin trick is one of those moments that only the most pissed skaters would be throwing themselves into at the end of a sesh. Naturally he felt inclined to kick his part off with another as he drops in on everything, loves a dirty old spot and takes slams like a don. Pure crust.

Enjoy Jake Powell’s footage and look out for the full flick premiering on November 21st here.

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“Mouth of the Ribble” Premier


“Mouth of the Ribble” is a purely independent skateboard film produced by Jake Powell. Dodging all the little scrotes and fake cock wielding cougars this crew tear up every spot in sight, reminding us why Blackpool still holds a spot on the map. If you’re still skeptical, head on down to Bootleg Social on the 21st of November and see all the blood that’s been poured into this film.

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Big Woody’s & Z-Flex GSD 2015 Blackpool


Go Skateboarding Day is always going to be a biggie in our calendars. This year was a much bigger one in Blackpool as Big Woodys shop also turned into a teen. To mark the shops 13th birthday and Go Skateboarding Day it was nice of Z-Flex to hire the park for the day and supply product that was given out through hectic jams and best trick contests.

Check what was thrown down on the day in this 6 minute edit full of carnage filmed and edited by Jake Powell.
Here’s to another 13 years!