Flip x Jon Contino Collab


Flip Skateboards rolled out a sick new deck series this morning featuring the artwork of New York graphic artist/illustrator Jon Contino. Watch this video and have a closer look at how his sterling work has graced the decks of their pro team with art direction from Jeremy Fox.

Flip x Jon Contino Collab from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.



Thrasher’s skater of the year is…

davidgonzales_skateroftheyear2012 He killed it all year. Well done to David Gonzales and Flip Skateboards. Thrasher broke the news to him via the rozzers.

Take in his ‘Possessed to Skate’ part here and reminisce just one reason why he was awarded the holy grail of skateboarding.

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Watch Louie Lopez’ killer new Volcom section


He was once quoted saying that “I skate when I’m asleep.” There’s no denying it this morning as Louie Lopez smashes all expectations and rolls out one of the very best video edits of the year for Volcom as if he was asleep. The 5ft ripper ups the game today with a huge box of tricks topped with a seriously happy ending. If this doesn’t warrant a name on the bottom of a piece of Flip wood at the end of the year then ams of the world will be up in arms.

The youth is rising once again. Get the teas on and watch our nominated Skate Edit of the Week now.

Geoff Rowley on FOS FM tomorrow morning

Geoff Rowley is this week’s guest on Mark Foster’s Fos FM show in California tonight at 9pm in the US, 5am tomorrow morning in the UK. The Brits abroad will be spinning what will probably involve a healthy dose of rock and roll and much more on kchungradio.org. All of these shows are archived so if you don’t run a farm or live like Dracula (or Zorlac) then you can find the full session on www.fosfm.com where you can find other shows with the pro’s and the ho’s.

Grab a bunch of Rowley’s moments in the meantime.

Geoff Rowley remix from Manolo on Vimeo.

Watch Tom Penny’s ‘Sorry’ extras from Fred Mortagne


Flip’s legendary ‘Sorry’ full length video was released in 2003 and went down in skateboarding history as one of the very best ever made. Tom Penny‘s part featured mini ramp skating in a French barn whilst Edith Piaf sang ‘La Vie En Rose’. Eleven years later, ‘French Fred’ Mortagne has unleashed the extra Penny footage. Press play.

In related Flip news, new recruit Oscar Meza will unleash a full section online on October 8th. Put it in your dairy.

Flip “Classics” Video – Tom Penny Extras from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

Watch Geoff Rowley on 411VM from 1995

geoff_rowleyThis video gem featuring a very young, then Airwalk shoe sponsored Geoff Rowley in 1995 is just one of the many videos shot for 411 Video Magazine.

At the time, 411VM was our main source for keeping in touch with skate footage worldwide alongside full-length VHS releases, and were available at the best skate shops monthly. It’s strange to think that the internet even back then didn’t cater for video like it does now as broadband/high speed connections was not available like it is now.

The good news is that Skateboarder Magazine in the US have started rolling out all of the 411VM back catalogue bringing you stacks of skate history from various profiles, team features, event clips, individual sections and much more. Keep an eye on it as it rolls out but for now, watch Rowley’s Rookies section that we stumbled across last night.

Watch David Gonzales’ Possessed To Skate section

Kick off your week with David Gonzales‘ new full section that has more Bollocks than the Sex Pistols. This ridiculous six minutes of mayhem from Flip’s hammertime pro has the full monty, including doubles with none other than Christian Hosoi.

Press play for Possessed To Skate.

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