David Gonzales interview

Portrait: Jerome Loughran
Sequences: Harry Bastard

Ever since this fiesty Colombian joined forces with the mighty Flip Skateboards he has undoubtedly been their most lethal weapon.

After an impressive apprenticeship, 2008 was the year that took David Gonzales to full pro status on the team and deservedly so.

We managed to grab some words with him in London ahead of Flip’s anticipated Extremely Sorry DVD scheduled for 2009 whilst Flip’s new ams look forward to catching him up…

Welcome back, how did you find the UK for skateboarding over the 2 visits?

I love it, it’s tight here.

Do you enjoy the demos or do you feel pressure to perform on the spot?

No way, I enjoy doing them for sure.

You travel a lot but where in the world do you want to visit most?

Probably Africa.

We have not seen anyone skate both park and rugged street spots with such ease and confidence since McCrank. Where do you feel most comfortable?

Both. I don’t care, it’s all skating to me.

What got you into skateboarding?

I just saw people in the neighbourhood skating and decided to try it out for myself. I was about 10 years old then in Colombia.

What kind of terrain was on offer to skate?

Street – that’s all we had.

What sort of set up were you riding back then and how easy was it to get new boards?

I had an Alien Workshop board with no nose or tail. I never had a new board as it was always too expensive for me. The scene in Colombia is getting bigger all the time and becoming pretty good. You just have to go and see how it is.

What sort of person do you think you would be without skateboarding?

No idea but probably something pretty sketchy!

Have you thought of moving to California with your family?

No, I just visit and get down to business.

Flip frontside blunt

Do you miss your friends when you go?

Fuck yeah, a lot.

How did you and Flip find each other?

Jeremy Fox saw a promo video of me and came down to Colombia to check me out.

Did other skate companies get involved and ask you to join their team?

Maybe, but I can’t remember as I couldn’t speak English back then.

Did you feel any pressure being amongst the likes of Penny, Rowley, Appleyard and co, or was it just a good outlet for getting around and having some good times?

I was too young to feel any pressure back then so I was just chilling with the team.

How do the new ams on the team see it?

They are care free just enjoying the skating.

You seem to have a very good mindset about turning pro. Do you feel, spiritually and physically that you were ready?

I never even thought about it. 2008 was a great year and it’s amazing that I made it to pro but I don’t feel it has changed my skating or personality in any way at all.

Can you see yourself cashing in on the mainstream of skateboarding?

No way fuck that shit i’m going to keep it real like proper skaters.

What are your 3 fave movies?

Cheech and Chong’s Still Smoking, Stir Crazy and Rambo.

All time skate movie?

Streets on Fire. (1989)

What other skaters do you personally see as up and coming talent in skateboarding right now?

Louie Lopez, Luan De Oliviera and Curren Caples.

…and influences?

Geoff Rowley and John Cardiel.

Do you see yourself being tempted by the nightlife scene?

I don’t know, i’m not old enough to drink yet but for sure i’m going to go out now and again. I’ve seen enough though to know not to become one of those crazy drunk guys.

Huge front blunt

Anything out there out that actually scares you?

I get scared flying and motorbikes scare me, but that’s about it.

As the deadline draws closer for the Extremely Sorry DVD would you say you are happy with what you’ve filmed so far?

Fuck yeah for sure!

What should we be expecting from it?

Well, you will have to wait and see!

Imagine five years into the future, filming for ‘Seriously, You Have No Idea How Sorry We Are‘, is coming to a close – How do you think your skating would have developed?

Who knows. I’m still young and too busy enjoying life!

If you could pick 3 guests to skate in your part, who would they be and what tune would you choose?

My friend who died from Colombia, my Brother and Geoff. I would use ACDC for my music.

Last words…

Thanks to everybody who has helped me especially Crossfire for the Iron Maiden tickets last year. Bloody amazing, I’ve never been to a concert that big before!

Watch Flip Skateboards ‘Extremely Sorry’ trailer here and look out for Gonzales to blow the doors off it when it is released this year…