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Buzzbombs – The Hangover Sessions


So much Valium has gone down my throat since busting my arm recently skating that everything became a bit of a blur, in-between the constant turning of 12″ and 7″ records. This playlist represents the comedown and the new life that has blossomed since the process of healing. Roll a fat one and enjoy some new chillers that have managed to catch our attention in the last few weeks.

Andy Shauf – The Magician – (Anti)

This beautiful track from Canadian artist Andy Shauf aroused Winston Hacking so much that he and his team made this entire video by hand. It’s a damn fine master piece served at a perfect temperature with mushrooms and ice cream. – Zac

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Cricket and the Genie – (ATO)

The son of a legendary Beatle and the mastermind behind Primus (who left their mark on some of the best 80s skateboard videos). It’s an unlikely combination on paper but pure perfection in reality. This is just one earworm from their new album that is a must have. That flute solo… – Zac

JC Flowers – Ym Mhorthcawl – (ATP Recordings)

London’s daily grind doesn’t seem to bother JC Flowers as they wisp through the underground with their hangover friendly pop steez. If you want more, look up their Driving Excitement and the Pleasure of Ownership album. – Zac

Savoy Motel – Souvenir Shop Rock – (What’s Your Rupture?)

Shake that bum of yours as it’s the best thing you can do in your life. Sounding like it was written in 1975, this relatively new Nashville posse sure know how to get down. – Zac

Sugar Candy Mountain – “666” – (People In A Position To Know)

If you’ve ever visited Joshua Tree then you will know that its inhabitants are toking on on some damn fine fresh air. Check your friend’s scalp for the 666 mark after listening to this dreamy little pop number. – Zac

The Magic Gang – Walk On By – (SR)

Burt Bacharach’s amazing Walk On By single has been covered by so many artists since Dionne Warwick’s version of it was released in 1964. Brighton’s upcoming house party specialists join The Stranglers, Cyndi Lauper and handfuls more in giving this classic a magic touch. – Zac

Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home – (Domino Records)

There’s something so satisfying about this track that it just had to be included. It may have come out last September but was included in the 6Music feature on artists that were inspired by the Beach Boys and it stood out like a sore thumb. Beautiful work from Julia Holter lifted from her Have You In My Wilderness album. Scout it out. – Zac

Heron Oblivion – Your Hollows – (Sub Pop)

Sublime folk rock from San Francisco. Meg Baird’s gorgeous ethereal vocals provide a perfect contrast to ex-Comets On Fire guitarists Ethan Miller and Noel Von Harmonson’s Neil Young/Crazy horse over-driven guitar fuzz. The sound of Haight-Ashbury 60s hippy boom colliding head on with 2016 fuzz rock. Out of this world. – James Sherry

Wire – Pilgrim Trade – (Pinkflag)

Despite being born out of the fast and furious UK punk explosion of the late 70s, Wire in 2016 do mellow just as well as they do intense. ‘Pilgrim Trade’ is from their latest album Nocturnal Koreans and sees frontman Colin Newman’s dry vocals floating over a bed of warm, fuzzy guitars and lethargic drums. – James Sherry

Kikagaku Moyo – Melted Crystal – Guruguru Brain Records

Put away that fuzz box and pick up the peace pipe, for this far-eastern psychedelic gem will melt your mind good and slow, just the way it should be. Their fantastic new album’s called House In The Tall Grass, put it on loop and fade away. – Dave Palmer

Plaid – Do Matter – (Warp)

The video to Plaid’s latest alone is enough to chill you right out, but turn up the volume knob and you’ll hear the kind of cinematic, moody and minimalistic soundscapes that ring delightfully familiar bells. – Dave Palmer

Adolescent – Mutter – (Girl Records)

London producer Adolescent’s new EP is a paradox of emotions. Delicate but immensely powerful, it plunges from gnarled beats to beautiful cello and piano passages at will. A work said to be inspired by experiences whilst taking anti-epilepsy medication, this track is a whole mood swing in itself. Watch the accompanying short film below and you’ll be left thoughtful, contemplative, but ultimately wanting more. – Dave Palmer

Skateboarding News

El Toro – Krak Best Trick Compilation

jaws_eltoroFor years now El Toro High School in Lake Forest has been more famous for its 20 stair beast than its pass rates. So many have left their mark trick wise and in the concrete on this ridiculously big set so Krak have compiled 3 minutes of skate history. Dive in.

Gif: Jaws.

Skateboarding News

Chain to Bank – best tricks compilation


British skaters would know that the Chain to Bank spot is owned by Tom Penny, especially with his switch backside flip. Others have smashed it with tricks too though so enjoy this latest Krak comp with Dyrdek, Smolik, Duffy, Bastien, MJ, Richie Jackson, Dobstaff and many more.

Reminisce Penny’s shutdown at this spot:

Skateboarding News

Heath Kirchart – Hammer Hall of Fame


Heath Kirchart joins Greco’s Hammer Hall of Fame today looking back on his amazing highlights within almost 10 minutes of golden footage from the bloke who had the lot. Edited by Joey Sinko to Nirvana too.

Skateboarding News

Classic Mark Gonzales footage fest

mark_gonzales_skateThere’s nobody else out there like the Gonz. He’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and one of the most creatively fun skateboarders who has left more than a legacy to every generation that picks up a deck.

This features footage from Kicked Out Of Everywhere by Real (1999), Reel To Reel by Dan Wolfe (2001), and How They Get There by Spike Jonze (1997) all glued together by Jason Jessee, who introduces three must watch Mark Gonzales video parts for Thrasher’s Classic’s feature.

Get the teas on for 15 minutes of skateboarding gold.

Skateboarding News

14 minute Pretty Sweet Lost and Filmed montage

If you missed any of the latest Lost and Filmed clips, then get the teas on for this 14 minute montage featuring most pro’s and am’s across the Girl and Chocolate teams.

Music News

Download Terror Danjah’s new Carnival mixtape


Terror Danjah provides this exclusive mix for the Urban Nerds carnival special at Scala on the 25th August, London. Catch him representing in room two alongside The Heatwave, Ragga Twins, Uncle Dugs, Fonti & Bushkin and Champion. Get your tickets now.

01) Body Fresh – Daddy Screw
02) Cock Up & Ride – Jigsy King
03) Position – Terror Fabulous
04) Body Work Shop – General Pecus
05) Wife – Joseph Stepper
06) Coca Cola Bottle Shape – Simpleton
07) Shot No Talk – Mad Cobra
08) When I See You Smile – Singing Sweet
09) Do You Wanna Dis – Beenie Man
10) Up Close & Personal – Buju Banton
11) Nah Bligh – Sean Paul
12) Everyone One Falls In Love – Tanto Metro & Devonte
13) Bashment Girl – Wayne Wonder
14) Dangerous – Barrington Levy
15) Sycamore Tree – Lady Saw
16) Yuh Ready Fi Dis Yet – Tanya Stephens
17) Joy Ride – Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham
18) Weak – Tony Curtis
19) Skin To Skin Connection – Jigsy King
20) Mr Pressure – Mad Cobra
21) Overboard – Ninja Ford
22) Lodge – Bounty Killer
23) Skeng Teng – Riko Dan & Chimpo
24) Dark Crawler – Terror Danjah ft Riko Dan
25) Red Eye – P Jam
26) Jump Up – Admiral Bailey (Terror Danjah)
27) Champion VS Jekyll – Buju Banton VS Terror Danjah
28) Slap Man – Champion
29) Dj Sticky – Terror Danjah
30) Fruit Punch – Terror Danjah
31) Silo Pass – Bok Bok (Sir Spyro remix)
32) Reloadz – Terror Danjah
33) Arsonist – Urban Shakedown
34) Burial – Letivicus
35) Code Red – Conquering Lion
36) Raw Dogs – The Dreem Team (Shy FX relick)
37) Junglist – Peter Bouncer
38) Special Dedication – Dj Nut Nu

Skateboarding News

Gnarly kickflip compilation

Love kickflips? Watch this latest compilation stuffed full of them. The obvious question – which flip is the finest? Comment below.

Skateboarding News

Tony Trujillo video compilation

End your week on a Tony Trujillo compilation that features tricks at Harrow, Meanwhile 2 and Bay 66 in the first minute.