STATIC II ‘Philly Four’ Alternate Edit from 2004

Theories of Atlantis have turned back the clock to 2004 this week and released a rough cut of an early edit for the “Philly Four” section from the Static II video.

Enjoy some amazing archived footage of Jack Sabback, the huge pop of Rich Adler and Damian Smith that never made the cut and look forward to Chris Mulhern’s new Static 4 video that is in the making right now. The most recent trailer can be found here.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Chris Mulhern returns with another incredible video production today, this time looking back to the good old days of Philadelphia with The Philadelphia Experiment.

This visual treat with Caste was inspired by nostalgia from the deep history of skateboarding in Philly and a military program from 1943. Mulhern’s vision is simply sent back in time to feature vintage and recent HD and VX footage of Mark Suciu, Ricky Geiger, Ishod Wair, Jordan Trahan, Devon Connell, Fred Gall, Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola and many more to create a journey that is not to be missed.

Watch this brilliant 11 minute edit that has hands down taken Skate Edit of the Week.