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New Static 4 trailer released

static4Josh Stewart revealed a brand new Static 4 video is being worked on and released this new trailer over the weekend. Get hyped for another incredible full length at some point.

“I wanted to wait and not put any kind of advertisement, hype, trailer or teaser out at all until one random day when we’d just announce “Static 4 is premiering in 3 days”. I’m pretty over the endless hyping of everything these days only to find yourself disappointed in the end. I think that if something is strong and meaningful it will pop without having to pre-hype the shit out of it. But every new online video that pops up ends up kind of stepping on one little element of the project we’ve been working on for half a decade. So I figure it’s best to get something out there and make it official. So, what the hell. Here you go my dudes.”