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Div Adam Reflections 2011

Photo: Nick Penna

div_adamThe man who kicks off 2011’s ‘Reflections’ end of year features needs almost no introduction. The feral Scottish ripper who should pick up an award this year for nailing every transition like a raging bull has spent this year hitting the trail in California and living the dream.

Enjoy some of Div’s memoirs and get hyped on his out of control chariot entertaining your eyes and ears in 2012.

Best personal moment of 2011?

Skating the best parks in the fuckin bizz.

Favourite skate trip?

Scotty and the Scots, cause there wiz a Scott and a couple a Scots kickin aboot the States.

Most satisfying trick made?

Every time I go skate!

Best song you listened to most in 2011?

Dystopia – Stress Builds Character

Story of 2011?

I hud a garage sale this year and this vet dude cruised to get some shit told me he used to do underwater rescues for missing persons. He used to free dive, nae breathing apparatus! They were looking for this Asian dude and he says he found him in the shallows stuck in a cave in Mission Bay. When he seen him he was clenching on to his chest. So he tells me they pulled his body out and and opens his fist and he was holding on to a lucky rabbits foot!

Newest trick?

Breaking back trucks like a mother fucker!

The trick that got away?

Hurricane fakie over/round the love seat at Washington Street. (WSVP)

Best trick or line you witnessed?

Pedro at Bucky’s bowl.

Skate flick you watched the most?

Gleaming the Cube.

Your MVP of the year?

Deluxe Distribution – they’re the fuckin’ rulers!

Fresh Blood tip for 2012?

Shaw Salidino rips.

What are you looking forward to most about 2012?


Favourite top 3 video edits of the year.

1. The sneezing bear. Gets you hyped because a said so.

2. Remi Gaillard. Mario Kart. He is fuckin’ nuts because a said so.

3. Anti Hero commercials because a fuckin’ said so.

Shouts and thanks to:

Ma family n aw ma mates. Jon Alden is the man. Antihero 18


Skateboarding News

Fresh photos from Extreme Connexions skatepark

The Extreme Connexions skatepark that is undergoing surgery right now for launch this summer in Hemel Hempstead is shaping up nicely. We sneaked in to give you some updated shots this weekend so have a gander at what is to be revealed very soon as it’s looking very impressive.

To find out more about this project, click here for a full feature of who is behind it and how the UK’s only indoor concrete skatepark design was put together.

Skateboarding News

New Maverick park in Newbury opens 3rd July

maverickskateparksThe guys at Maverick Industries have been super busy of late finishing off the new concrete skate park at Victoria Park, Newbury, West Berkshire. The park is now complete and will open officially on Sunday, July 3rd with a big jam so if you are down that way, get yourself there and join in the celebrations.

The park has a deep bowl, a pocket bowl, tombstone, flatbank, jersey barrier, quarterpipe hip, brick half penny, manny pad, curved ledge, gap and much more. Check the photos and layout below and click here for directions of the location on Google maps.





Skateboarding News

Nottingham scene welcome new skatepark at Clifton

The city of Nottingham will finally welcome a well deserved skatepark built by Maverick Industries this summer. The park designed by designed by Russ Holbert and Ian Jennings with consultation from Sidewalk’s mag designer Andy Horsley and Alex Halford is funded by Nottingham City Council at a total cost of around £300,000 and scheduled to open late July 2011.

Working from the site over the weekend Russ Holbert from Maverick told us that “the combi/vert bowl is going to be pretty massive. It should keep all the vert heads happy!”

Look out for the opening jam plans during the summer holidays and well done to all involved. Nottingham has always had an amazing skate scene so the addition of this will only make it even stronger.

Skateboarding News

The new Revolution bowl is ready to skate

Revolution Skatepark down in Kent have managed to get their new bowl up in record time this Spring so start planning a trip to the seaside and head down there to session the new wood. It looks like this.

Skateboarding News

New indoor bowl for Revolution Skatepark

Revolution Skatepark down in Kent have started planning for a new redevelopment in their ramp room. The new changes will see the mini and midi ramp be replaced with a bowl and also a smaller beginners bowl. Construction has already started and the ramp teardown will be happening after Easter break, here’s the mock up of what’s coming.


Skateboarding News

Jeff Grosso’s Loveletter with Bucky Lasek

Jeff-GrossoJeff Grosso‘s bum goes when he reaches Bucky Lasek‘s monstrous back yard bowl so he sits it out instead to speak to Bucky about his Loveletter choice, vert rider Derek Krasauskas.

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Shoreham Ham Jam 2010

Words: Richie Inskip
Photography: Harvey Mills

A good bacon sandwich must be the best cure for a stinking hangover and this Sunday morning (5th September) had the same effect, but the pork came in the form of the HAM JAM. Fighting the early signs of rain, the day kicked of pretty early after a hard day’s Battle in Hastings. With the bruised warriors and fresh recruits a new day began. The mission was easy- to rip apart the best bowl in the country and take a share of the £1000 cash prize money.  With the help of the sponsors (Santa Cruz, Ocean Sports, Independent) and 20 cases of Redbull, Shoreham Bowl was ready to stand up and see how many men would draw their pork sword and show some real balls.

The under 16 Jam saw 7 year old Luke Shoonbrood getting hooked up with Little and Gnarly after dropping the deep end first time and making himself the youngest skater to drop the bowl to date. It was cool to see these kids flying around concrete corners with rock n rolls and early grab lay back airs. Harry Phelps really showed the future for UK bowl riding and that it’s not just about kickflips and rails, these kids were rad!

Mark Munson gets inverted

Then it was the turn of the older boys, or masters as they liked to be called, and rightly so. You are only as young as the bowl you’re riding and these guys rediscovered the meaning of youth. It might have had something to do with sea breeze but they fully skated for over an hour with some obscene lines over the Deathbox (a.k.a the chicken box). With Jelly providing the rubber chicken, it was apparent that some of the old boys had not choked it enough recently. The best trick over the chicken box saw front smiths, board slide rocks and big frontside airs. Although, it was always Mark Munson’s invert over the Box that was taking home the bacon (and a slice of pool coping).

Pulley goes frontside while All-Terrain-Trev crosses his legs before an arm snapper

The Pro-Am jam saw, Greg Nowik, Jake Collins, Potter, Pulley, Trev (ATT), Sean Goff, Teabag, Paris and Col ‘Cannibal’ Adam amongst others fooking killing it. Teabag hopped in with the SYB boys to travel down from Edinburgh on the over night 10 hour coach trip to show his demon side and feed off the session. Hurricanes, massive front 5’s, switch Back D’s were all pocketed and Tea Stained. Scottish Col would have brought Elton John to his knees with his take of Rocket Man with massive Rocket airs and crazy egg plants, it was the invert on the Redbull Fridge that earnt him the most cash. Nowik was just himself (plus the bowler hat) and had faster feet than an Irishman on coke during paddy’s day. He must have loved the music with some crazy coping dance and huge air walk fakies. All Terrain Trev took home the highest air before snapping his arm over the deathbox. Get Well soon Trev!

Greg Nowik cranked dat superman

In all, the pork was roasted, the crackling was crunchy and everyone that turned up to the Ham Jam had their fill. See below for the meaty edit roasted by Mr. Danny Bulmer.