New indoor skatepark designs revealed for Poole, Dorset

Following a lot of discussions regarding the design and build of a brand new indoor park in Poole, Dorset, locals are getting hyped on the new plans released by Maverick this week.

This area is screaming out for somewhere safe to skate undercover so this news is highly welcome. Feedback on the design and also let us know what the park should be called as it currently has no name.


New photos from Clifton Skatepark Nottingham

Nottingham’s new skatepark that is currently being built by Maverick in Clifton Park is looking amazing. Check these recent photos thast were blogged today of the site as it takes shape. We know a few Nottingham skaters that will be itching to get in here once its done, top work as usual.




New Maverick park in Newbury opens 3rd July

maverickskateparksThe guys at Maverick Industries have been super busy of late finishing off the new concrete skate park at Victoria Park, Newbury, West Berkshire. The park is now complete and will open officially on Sunday, July 3rd with a big jam so if you are down that way, get yourself there and join in the celebrations.

The park has a deep bowl, a pocket bowl, tombstone, flatbank, jersey barrier, quarterpipe hip, brick half penny, manny pad, curved ledge, gap and much more. Check the photos and layout below and click here for directions of the location on Google maps.





Nottingham scene welcome new skatepark at Clifton

The city of Nottingham will finally welcome a well deserved skatepark built by Maverick Industries this summer. The park designed by designed by Russ Holbert and Ian Jennings with consultation from Sidewalk’s mag designer Andy Horsley and Alex Halford is funded by Nottingham City Council at a total cost of around £300,000 and scheduled to open late July 2011.

Working from the site over the weekend Russ Holbert from Maverick told us that “the combi/vert bowl is going to be pretty massive. It should keep all the vert heads happy!”

Look out for the opening jam plans during the summer holidays and well done to all involved. Nottingham has always had an amazing skate scene so the addition of this will only make it even stronger.

Spot Check: Stanground Skatepark

Since their inception, Maverick Industries have made some monumental achievements for skateboarding in the UK through a simple, but hard-working modus operandi. I feel their impression on the UK is best described by stealing a tagline from an Academy Award nominated film and then re-contextualise it as thus: you don’t get to 35,000 fans on Facebook without building a few skateparks…

This is exactly what Maverick have done. Comprised of a hardworking team, Maverick keep a good eye and ear out for where skateparks are both needed and wanted and do whatever they can to not only ensure that a skatepark is built, but that it has good financial backing and that it matches or betters the increasingly high standards of contemporary concrete parks. Now, there is a flurry of excitement associated with whenever the park company post a new design online. That number isn’t a lie. Almost 35,000 are stoked on the designs, and the plan for Stanground was no exception.

As of October 2010, Stanground, Peterborough suddenly became home to a transition skater’s dream. Even if you’re not a big transition head, the unique path and flow of the park makes it the perfect place to get a nice grip on transition skateboarding. For the veterans, there’s a toothpick tombstone to try your hand on as well a large amount of lines and gaps with plenty of potential for creative eyes to find more. Definitely a tidy piece of work that’s worthy of a little trip for anyone in the UK.

For a full in-depth insight into the park we thought that there would be no better option than to talk to those involved with the building of the park, the Maverick Industries heads themselves. We spoke to Maverick Projects Director, Russ Holbert to get the official low-down on park. Read on for some knowledge…

Below: The Fresh Blood tip for 2011, Nick Remon gets stuck into the tombstone. Photo: Tom Halliday

Who made the first move to replace the existing park in Stanground with something of a high and accessible modern standard?

Rieaston Meins, a local skater has been campaigning for skateparks in the Peterborough area since the closure of the highly successful Y2SK8 indoor park.  Once Reece had raised awareness and demonstrated a need the Council got involved. The group were lucky to have a really supportive Council officer, Judith Neal.

For Stanground a group of youths got together and interviewed students to find out what potential users would want, correct? What ideas were kept on for the final design and is this approach something you’d encourage future groups petitioning for skateparks to do?

The Stanground skatepark design has been designed in conjunction with the local user group throughout the process. The group were supported by the local Youth Services team and by Peterborough Council’s Community Engagement team and local Police.  At Maverick we wouldnt think of designing a park without getting the locals fully involved with the design process, this is the best way to ensure that the skatepark is successful.

What was the total budget for this park, who provided it?

The budget for the skatepark was around £95k;  the funding came from a number of different sources.

How long did the entire process take, from the first meeting to the grand opening?

We were involved for about a year, but the plans for a skatepark go back to when Y2SK8 closed

How easy is it to get for people outside of Stanground?

It is accessible by public transport or car and there is a car park right next to the park. It seems to be a nice enough area and the locals are friendly.

Is there any obstacle here that’s a first for Maverick?

Every skatepark we design is completely bespoke this park has some interesting features such as a toothpick style tombstone, and fun skate path and interesting miniramp combo unit.

Stanground Skatepark is located at Stanground Community Centre, Whittlesey Road, PE2 8QS or you can check the map.

Watch the footage from the official opening jam below, get hyped and start planning your first trip of the spring now.

Stanground | Maverick Opening Jam from Maverick Skateparks on Vimeo.

Watch: Walsall opening jam edit

The new Walsall skatepark designed and built by Maverick Industries was officially opened by many guests and locals this weekend. Watch this video from the day in question featuring Darryl Dominguez, Tommy Fachiri, Dirty Dave, Tom Lawson, Alex Dacuna, Alex Tibble, Nicky P, Billa and more.

Click here to read up on what’s been built at this park last week’s Spot Check by local James Brewer.

Walsall | Maverick Opening Jam from Maverick Skateparks on Vimeo.

SYB do England

Scotland’s SYB crew have dropped another Slayer filled edit overnight covering trips to two Maverick built concrete parks in the UK at Spalding, Lincolnshire and Stanground in Peterborough. Look out for a mini van arriving at your local park stuffed full of Scottish heshers with Dickson at the wheel soon as the Shralp Ya Bass boys are on the road searching for more lines than Kerry Katona this summer.