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Watch Bones ‘New Ground’ video in full

boneswheelslogoBones Wheels have been promising to drop their new full length video for a few months and have released it today for you to stream and download for free.

Get stuck into footage of Jaws (below), Randy Ploesser, Ryan Decenzo, Marty Murawski, Chad Bartie, David Gravette, and Adam Dyet, Jake Duncombe, Ronnie Creager, Jimmy Cao, John Motta and many more by clicking here to stream it and here to register to be sent a free download by email.


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Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk join Bones Wheels

Mullen on Bones. Hawk on Bones. Together forever.

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George Powell discusses the beginning of Bones Wheels

george_powell_bones_wheelsGeorge Powell, the brains behind the Bones Wheels phenomenon discusses the development of the skateboard wheel and how he personally designed and made what he saw as the perfect urethane mix to make skateboarding as fast and as smooth as possible.

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Bones Barrier Kult wheels video

boneswheelslogoThe guys at Bones Wheels have come up with some balaclavas, some old school decks, a warehouse, some trash and some fresh Bones Barrier Kult wheels.

Have a taste of them here.

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Bones video: UK premiere dates

Remind yourself of the trailer from last November and check out the premiere dates of this Bones Wheels video that will be running in various shops across the UK below.

In related news Irish ripper Denis Lynn joins the UK Bones Wheels team this week, congrats.



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Review: Bones – Little Bartie 53mm

Bones Wheels are slowly being recognised as one of the best wheels on the market today, and with their Street Tech Formula wheels being used by a wide range of street skaters it makes you wonder: what’s caused all the fuss? Are they really that good? The answer is yes!

Chad Bartie’s pro wheel, aptly named ‘My Little Bartie‘, comes in – amongst other street friendly sizes – 53mm wheel in a skinny profile. A lot of people have a problem with coloured wheels as in some cases it can affect the quality of the urethane, but be rest assured that with these this is not the case. Bones STF’s are made to go faster, last longer and most importantly slide further! Every skateboarder can agree that there are few feelings better than bombing down a hill, powersliding every 10 seconds to evade the dreaded ‘speed wobble’.

Three weeks in and lots of powerslides later, I’m yet to see some sort of damage to this wheel. Don’t let the girly colour and graphic fool you, they’re the Terminator of all wheels! They may as well be egging you on to try and flat spot them, but it just wont happen. In fact, I am sure I’ve heard them screaming at me “GO FASTER! SLIDE FURTHER! GO ON, TRY AND BEAT ME!”. Terrifying.

All in all I can enthusiastically recommend these wheels. With an RRP of £35 it’ll be more than worth it as they’ll last you till the next millennium. Bones recently released a trailer for their new video which will feature all the usual suspects and – fingers crossed – hopefully some UK heads too! Enjoy!


If you’re more of a skatepark aficionado then head over here to read our review on Bones’ SPF wheels designed specifically with skateparks in mind.

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Watch: New Bones Wheels video trailer

bones wheelsThe Bones Wheels team have dropped a banging new video trailer for their forthcoming DVD dropping on January 31st next year. Their team has grown in depth and strength in the last few years and now boasts an impressive pro roster and talented ams covering all terrain so this could be one of the first really impressive DVD releases of 2011.

Look forward to footage of Jaws, Randy Ploesser, Ryan Decenzo, Marty Murawski, Chad Bartie, David Gravette, and Adam Dyet, Jake Duncombe, Ronnie Creager, Jimmy Cao, John Motta and many more. Let’s hope that Nicky Howells and the other UK team riders get some footage in there too.



Bones European Tour 08


The Bones Wheel team decided that Europe was the desired destination for a major trip.

The team split into two groups across 2 legs to visit Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and England spending 3 days on average in each country.

Bay Sixty 6 skate park in London came up trumps for the UK demo where Adam Dyet, Chad Bartie, Dallas Rockvam, David Gravette, John Motta, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki and UK riders Marc Churchill and Josh Perret were in attendance.

Dyet’s hair was ravenous…

Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki got ready for a McTwist on the vert…

and hucked a clean one…

Dyet took the wall one foot…

Gravette was like the pied piper..

Bartie got to the demo that morning straight from the airport….

Kids got free stuff…

and were stoked..

Irvine had bad travel wind at the Ladbroke Grove rail…

Bets were on and meals were exchanged for tricks…the rail was warm and Aaron wanted it.

Avit Jaws!

Homoki knocked out a backsmith for a future contender in Transworld and Document

The boys rolled on towards St Paul’s whilst we checked in for Dempsey and Makepeace…

You would, wouldn’t you?