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Review: Bones – Little Bartie 53mm

Bones Wheels are slowly being recognised as one of the best wheels on the market today, and with their Street Tech Formula wheels being used by a wide range of street skaters it makes you wonder: what’s caused all the fuss? Are they really that good? The answer is yes!

Chad Bartie’s pro wheel, aptly named ‘My Little Bartie‘, comes in – amongst other street friendly sizes – 53mm wheel in a skinny profile. A lot of people have a problem with coloured wheels as in some cases it can affect the quality of the urethane, but be rest assured that with these this is not the case. Bones STF’s are made to go faster, last longer and most importantly slide further! Every skateboarder can agree that there are few feelings better than bombing down a hill, powersliding every 10 seconds to evade the dreaded ‘speed wobble’.

Three weeks in and lots of powerslides later, I’m yet to see some sort of damage to this wheel. Don’t let the girly colour and graphic fool you, they’re the Terminator of all wheels! They may as well be egging you on to try and flat spot them, but it just wont happen. In fact, I am sure I’ve heard them screaming at me “GO FASTER! SLIDE FURTHER! GO ON, TRY AND BEAT ME!”. Terrifying.

All in all I can enthusiastically recommend these wheels. With an RRP of £35 it’ll be more than worth it as they’ll last you till the next millennium. Bones recently released a trailer for their new video which will feature all the usual suspects and – fingers crossed – hopefully some UK heads too! Enjoy!


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